Backer #7003 Pimax 8K headset received in Miami, FL

It is currently at a friend’s house received today, hope to visit Miami sometime soon and check it out on his GTX 1080 then bring back home with me to Caribbean.


Awesome congrats! :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

Congrats! :slight_smile: 202020202

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So here are my thoughts on the 8K. The headset itself is about twice times better than the original Rift CV1. The SDE is about 1/2 of the Rift but still there. The Normal FOV is more than good enough, no need to use LARGE and makes playing games in VorpX much better than with Rift such as Trine 2, Unravel, ABZU, Sonic Racing Transformed all on a HUGE and now wide Virtual 3D Hi-Res screen. I can’t say enough good things about Vorpx in this regard even if you are not in VR and just using as a flat or curved 3D screen for playing games is a dream come true. 3D movies from Blu-Ray ripped in Full-SBS (3840x1080p) format using Simple VR Video player is also a huge step up from the Rift, but SDE is still noticable on distant objects (up-close faces look perfect though), so I imagine 8KX is what will finally satisfy my perfection with 3D movies. In the games SDE don’t matter because you’re distracted by the interactiveness. I recompiled Showdown VR an older Epic Unreal Engine VR Demo with highest settings and it’s Mega-Impressive on the 8K. Now for some negatives. I’ve noticed ocassionally some horizontal lines appearing which seems like a faint-interlaced-effect. After some examinations I am convinced that it isn’t the LCD panels but in fact the fresnel lens with movement. If I focus on an object in the middle of the screen and then keep focused on it while turning my head either left or right I notice when that object reaches the edges of the lens I see the horizontal lines on that object. To be honest on the Rift I sometimes see faint diagonal lines but thought it was SDE related. Now I am realizing the Fresnel lenses are causing some faint lines across the image with movement. Happily this isn’t in any way a deal breaker, but I hope the 8KX lenses are improved and eliminate these minor effects. I am extremely pleased with the backer price I paid of only $540 shipped for what I eventually got. My casing does not crack as I was among the last to receive the improved housings. This feels strong and lighter than expected. Even with the cloth strap it is comfortable. I tried replacing the Pimax foam with my VR Cover Rift Pu leather which fitted perfectly and felt much better however was not as thick as the foam resulting in a slightly out of focus blurred image, so I’ll have to wait for them to make a thicker version for Pimax, or until I get my backer rewards. I’m not sure if I can say the 8K is worth it at full price because the current state of controllers and base stations being so expensive. The Vive wands 1.0 are crap from the reviews on amazon and the newer 2.0 versions are $200 each! Ridiculous! So now I can’t use my Rift touch controllers which are excellent. And I have to wait until index controllers become available because to spend $400 on the 2.0 wands seems like a waste when knuckles can be had for less (just not available now). I expected less SDE on the 8K than what it actually is, but it’s about twice improved than the Rift CV1. The black levels on Pitool -1 contrast and -1 brightness look very comparable to my Rift CV1 Amoled, and colors are also very good, I heard the 5K+ not as good, so I am very pleased I got the 8K and not 5K+ seeing the 3D movies and Vorpx games. I can’t try out Robo Recall because I need the controllers. I’m peeved about the lack of availability of knuckles and expensiveness of 2.0 wands and the crappiness-unreliability of the cheaper 1.0 wands.


It appears you are a little late (almost a year) in your review. Not only has all this been said by pretty much by everyone, the 8K has been discontinued for the 8K+.
Don’t now what you heard about the 5K+ but the majority of backers opted for the 5K+ downgrade based on the feedback of those who got to try both so I wouldn’t count on your assumption being shared by the majority. This is not to say the 8K doesn’t have advantages especially in sde for those sensitive to that or that there aren’t owners of both who prefer the 8K. It’s subjective.

Feel your pain because of Pimax Sense delays. I ordered Index controllers from Valve as soon as Pitool added support and never looked back. With some “must play” Oculus games, this was necessary for me and proved to be just what a Touch lover needed. After a taste of some of what Alyx will offer next month in control (from playing Boneworks), I am glad I bought them.


Try to get hands on a used Vive (can find some at around 250$ or so to fully enjoy it with Lighthouses and controllers :+1:


I’d like to get those knuckles controllers, but they’re not available not even on ebay. So now I have to play the waiting game again! Damn!


Is it because Valve doesn’t sell to TT or because they are sold out?
It was a while before Canada got on the list so I feel your pain.

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Well they don’t sell to TT, but that’s not a problem for me…the problem is that they are sold out in US with a notify me button on the steam store page. As I understand the first batch of knuckles controllers had problems when you tried to click the thumbstick when it was angled all the way to the edge it would not click. VR is becoming a waiting nightmare especially with the virus delaying things even more for Pimax and the new 8KX.

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Wasn’t just the first batch. I had to RMA my ICs for a left stick that wouldn’t travel more than half way forward and would not center and wandered in reverse. Fortunately Valve support was quick to resolve, sending me a new set before I had even got my prepaid label to return the old ones. Had a new set in 4 days.
From what I saw from a teardown video, the early sticks were set a little low and would not travel all the way to the edge of the cavity they are set into. My replacement seems solid enough.

When you do get them, if you have big hands you might want to get a set of “booster” grips. They make a big difference in how they position in large hands.

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The simple truth the virus is affecting a lot of tech with supply delays. Oculus Quest has been reported to expect delays and it is likely will affect Valve as well as they have a manufacturer in china as well.


Valve does so most certainly. With their capacities they would have restocked already. Such a SCM-blunder, or whatever you may call it, just isn’t what they do.

Searched for these after you mentioned them. Seeing some $12 ones on Ebay. Are those the right thing? I don’t have a 3d printer.

I find the index controllers quite difficult to use because they are so tiny in my hands. The only way I can even come close to holding it is to tighten the strap around my fingers, not my hand. lol

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Valve released the file for 3D printing boosters. There are several people printing them and they should all be the same fit (they just snap on). The differences are usually color and in some cases knurling for better grip. They fatten up the grip nicely for better positioning in large mits.