Backer Box Q&A 26th October 2020

Backer Box Questions and Answers

October 26th 2020

1. What items are included in the Backer Box? (Stretch Goal Box)

The following 4 items are in each box:

1 - Kickstarter Deluxe Modular Audio Strap (KDMAS)
1- Vision Series Comfort Kit with Thin Foam Pre-Installed
1 - Thick Replacement Foam with Glasses Cutouts
1- Protective Silicon Sleeve (Black or Grey, Randomly selected)

KDMAS, Vision Comfort Kit, Extra New Thin Foam, Protective Silicon Sleeve, $100 wireless adapter, 2 pieces of content, Option to buy Eye Tracking for $99.

2. What items are included in the Backer Store Page? (when a backer logs in)

The following software and other custom codes are included on this page:

1 - $100 Wireless Adapter Discount Coupon
1 – Option to purchase Eye Tracking Module for $99
2 – Pieces of SteamVR content Steam Codes (First Class VR and The Dream Collector)

3. What are the items that were discontinued/changed and replaced with these new items?

1 - Cooling fan (removed)
1 - Prescription lens adapter (removed)
1 - Piece of SteamVR content. (removed)
1 – Standard Audio Strap (Upgraded to Kickstarter Deluxe Modular Audio Strap)

4. Will backers be required to pay for shipping?

No, Pimax will pay for shipping.

5. Are there VAT or Taxes for the backer box?

The declared value is USD $60. VAT and Taxes vary for different countries.
Backers are required to pay VAT and Taxes.

6. If additional items were added to my Kickstarter Pledge how does this effect customs, shipping and taxes?

These Pledge Add-On’s add the following values:
Pair of Base Station 2.0 – adds $150 value (individuals add $75)
Hand Tracking Module – adds $100 value

No additional shipping costs.

Please adjust your expectations on Taxes and VAT accordingly.

7. Will shipments be ordered based on backer number?

No. For faster deliveries we are organizing logistically rather than by backer number. In the past such attempts have caused added delays.
Please note – we are only delivering to backers who have verified their address. If you have not verified your address (even if it is unchanged) you will not receive your backer box.

8. Where should I go to update my latest shipping address?

If you have not verified your address (even if it is unchanged) you must do so to receive your backer box. Please follow this link to update your address:

9.What if I am a backer who Opted out of the Stretch Goals but still want to purchase the Backer Box?

Once we have fulfilled all existing backers, we will make these items available for sale, individually and as a special backer priced kit.

10. Can I receive a refund for the Backer Box?

Yes – To qualify for a refund of $150 you had to have verified your address on or before October 16th 2020 and not receive a tracking number on or before October 31st, 2020. You can make the requests via a service ticket beginning November 2nd, 2020.
If you wish to keep the stretch goal, we will schedule the shipment for you.

11. If I still have not returned my loaner headset can I receive the Backer Box?

No. You must return the loaner headset to us before we can arrange shipment of the backer box to you.
If you have questions about how to return your loaner headset, please submit a ticket to our helpdesk.

12. I have updated my address via the provided links how can I tell the address has been accepted?

The system tells you in your profile that your address was updated and you can also see from there any adjustments you made.

13. If I pledged for Hand Tracking or Base Stations during the Kickstarter campaign will these items be included in the shipment with the Backer Box?

Yes, these items should be included with your Backer Box shipment.

14. What shipment company is used for Backer Box shipments?

Federal Express (FedEx) , EMS and etc.

Your Pimax Team.