Backer Box shipments

Anyone else have their backer box shipment number and showing it has never shipped? More than a bit irritating.


Mine have shipped. I am however waiting for the courier Fedex Forwarded it 2 to deliver parcel number 2.

I do however believe if those whom received Tracking Numbers that have not shipped regardless of restrictions that Couriers have placed on volumes. Pimax should honor those whom want a refund(though think Backers should consider selling the Backer Box vs going for a low refund value of $150 with a likely reduction in what is received due to a paypal fee).

Many out there are likely willing to pay for the kit or parts of it ie KDMAS at $150+ :us:.

However do appreciate and sympathize with those whom just want consistency in what is promised instead of these unsavory methods of not dealing with things respectfully.


Where do you see the tracking number or if it has shipped?

It seems to be shipping well in the order of confirmation.
Here is my delivery status.

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You should have gotten a tracking number last week via email. If you didn’t, check spam folder.

I have the tracking number but they show no record of it shipping yet.

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If you have made your backer store account, you can also login at (different from the regular store). From there, under orders (top right), you can click on your order, and it will show discount codes and tracking numbers. I got my box + 2 LHs on Tuesday.

Same here Greymane received tracking over a week ago and I get an error everytime I try to track it.
Seems funny too, it’s listed as USPS and not Fedex.

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Are you trying to track it by clicking on the pimax tracking number, or copying the number and going (in your case) to the USPS website? In my case, at first my order page only had:

Shipping Vendor: Fedex Tracking Number: 3983491xxxxx (numbers redacted to hide my address)

but then later they added the

Tracking: FedEx International Priority 3983491xxxxx

below when it was actually shipped/picked up. Prior to that if I manually went to the FedEx site, I just got an error for the tracking number, and then a “pending from shipper” for a few days. If the number fails on USPS, maybe try tracking on - maybe they got the shipper wrong when they entered it to your account.

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I don’t have a tracking number on my backer page. My KS was in the 4000s. Should I be concerned?

I’m a 100s 8KX full backer and haven’t received any information about the box and tracking number.
I have confirmed my address registration.

Some people in Japan have already tweeted that they have received it.
I’m a little frustrated.

I’ve got such mail 31 of October:
“Dear customer,
Hope you are doing well.
Your backer box(stretch goal) is ready now.
But FedEx can’t offer the clearance service for the individual user,just for the enterprise user.
So we will ship a batch of goods to our local agent,
carrier in China: Kye Tracking No.:800xxxxxxx
when they arrived the Russia,the agent will ship it to you one by one.
The second tracking No. will be updated then.”
First tracking number from mail just “Not found” on Fedex site.

This is my email,
Dear customer,

Your shipping status has been updated!

Contains Products: [‘New Stretch Goals’]

Tracking Vendor: USPS

Tracking No: 612902728XXXXXXXXX

I’m just wondering if it will update when it reaches the USA

Mine is on its way to the UK. so far so good.


A week ago I received my tracking number. Since that day nothing happened!

Shipment information sent to FedEx Saturday, 31/10/2020 21:10
Estimated delivery date: Friday 06/11/2020

Well, Friday 06/11 was yesterday …

Today FedEx shows:
“Estimated delivery date: open”

Pimax, are you kidding?
It seems FedEx has only with Pimax this strange “limitations on the number of packages” …

And now?

Lol…I checked there on mine just to see what they showed and it has a date of 7/7/2020. I kinda doubt that is right.

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I only see my (cancelled) plan f upgrade orders there, and no backer box thing.
I did however got an sms from FedEx yesterday.

Oh, found it under the original ks order. I i click it.


My backer number is in the 2800’s and still no tracking info. I do see the shipping order with [XPP2-100-0114] New Stretch Goals and a date of 10/15/20, but no tracking…

I didn’t have a tracking number, so I had to create a ticket.
The next day I got a reply and promised to ship within 7 days.
Everyone who has not received a tracking number should make a ticket.

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My KS number is in 3000s, I got a tracking number about 2 weeks ago but it still says “status not available”. Created a ticket today… Irritating for sure - why create all the tracking numbers if you do not actually send within a few days after that

So, I was a fool because I was using USPS to track and in fact I should have used FedEx. Pimax support gave me a link to use which said FedEx there. My box will be delivered today. Good luck all!

UPD: got mine, unpacked, installed, tested. Still far from ideal, but I guess it’s better than a cloth strap. Had issues with base stations being discovered - used the pin hole to switch channel on one to fix. Another issue was during SteamVR room setup when drawing borders the position of base station and controllers was weirdly flipped. Fixed by running Pimax room setup before running steamVR one. Sound is pretty good, cannot complain - the ear cups barely touch my ears so it could be better in that sense, but sound is decent for me not to worry about using my own headphones.

Since this is the end of Pimax obligations in my case, I congratulate myself for this 3 year trip to the world of good VR, it was weird and interesting. Not going to do that again :slight_smile: But eagerly waiting to see further improvements in the industry.