Backer Box with HT

I have finally found time to dig into my 2nd Backer Box with the HT module.

Unfortunately it seems pimax has an issue with the Spikey Boi (Silicon protective cover). While it has the 2 holes for the HT module screws it is missing the 2 additional holes for the plastic locating pins/bumps.

See only 2 holes instead of 4.
Here is the HT module (@PimaxQuorra)

Now I can simply use a hole punch to fix this. However it doesn’t make pimax look good with auditing there designs. 🤦

Also for some reason the HT comes with 8 screws! 4 fine threads and 4 course threads.

Now it seems okay as the silicon stretched to allow the bumps to somewhat sink in flush

Stay tuned more to come… Soon ( :pimax_logo_png: ) :sweat_smile:


rooooo ooooooooooooooooooo no good

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Seems to be in this case minor compared to the ET install. However they need to audit these things like the “Hinge Gate”; then suggesting forcing the hinges past the stops.

All these kinds of design mishaps leads to negative experience reviews.


I think some are for the newer headsets and some are for the older versions.


Well first release seems to be fine thread. Though interesting and kind of cool to receive 4 of each.

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Found a use for the front of the top clip. Might be why it was put there though not elegant.

Will try it out for the moment without the comfort strap. Hopefully soonish. :laughing:


Okay folks did a quick round of Sound testing with Vector 36(other titles are waiting on an update).

Sound without speaker cups in my xp is actually pretty decent.

I did have an issue with getting sound out of the right speaker. I removed that cushion and pressed on connector and sound was restored. Will need to take a better look at it but the connector might not be fully plugged in or another contact related issue.

Once steamworks common distribute is finished will test some other titles. And compare with and without cups more thoroughly.

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@DrWilken I am currently running Pitool 264. The HT doesn’t seem to be detected. Ie I don’t see an option to download and install Software.

Is there a light on the module to show it is powered?

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I would bet it’s not inserted deep enough into the USB-C port due to having the silicone sleeve on there.

There are tiny IR lights on it.

I only tried it on my 5K+ without a sleeve.

Also try a restart of the service and/or reboot of course as I think it detects it at service start.

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Cool though that will be quite bad if the spikey boi os the cause. Tried the other options you mentioned.

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Hello Dan,

Thank you for pointing out the problem.
We will forward this issue to the R&D, and ask them to figure out something on it.



Just tried attaching the Leap Motion module on my 8KX which has the silicone sleeve on and it doesn’t click into the USB-C port like it does when You don’t have the sleeve on (You can pull it to the side and try it out).

When trying with the sleeve pulled to the side the module was recognized in PiTool.

It shortly showed a message about it not being initialized or not being ready or something like that which went away right after that (as it’s ready).

There’s a distinguished clack sound when it’s inserted correctly… :wink:

I did not try with the screws, but I doubt they’ll compress the sleeve enough for it to fit.


Okay thanks when I get a chance will try that for sure.

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Will the silicone sleeve stretch over the HT module ?


No. It has 2 holes for the screws but missing for the 2 bumps. From @DrWilken’s post the silicone protector will need to be cut as ut interferes with usb-c plugin. Which is very unfortunate that the HT module was not designed with the protector in mind. As it would have been simple to have the connector a bit longer to compensate.

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I didn’t try with the screws but it seems, judging by Your trials, that it doesn’t make connection even with the screws tightened down.

I can give it a go if You’re interested?

EDIT: Just tried and it seems to me that the screws are too short so I’m pretty sure they never intended us to use the silicone sleeve and the handtracking module at the same time… :smiley:

Well you’d think that however they put the holes in for the screw mounts.

I am guessing more they didn’t try the manufacturing samples with the spikey boi. Imho not overly terrible. However with the sleeve cost around $40 iirc many will not be impressed having to modify/cut it to make it work.

Mine tightened up nicely to where it seemed to squish nicely; but guessing not compressed enough to work(or port or HT defective). Hoping neither is defective.

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I probably have to squeeze it more to make the screws bite (did try screwing them in without the module first of course). The screws are just a tiny bit too short for mounting with the silicone sleeve on there IMHO, but perfect for mounting without it.

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Did your 8kX use the coarse screws or the fine threads?

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Coarse screws… :wink:

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