Backer Plan Any Incentive?

Being a backer who does not fall into the various categories offered, i.e. I want to keep
my base station’s and hand controllers but do want to buy the 8KX is there an incentive
(discount wise) to purchase now or wait until April to order,what would I pay now $1299 ?
Which of course is the same price any one can buy at.

@PimaxUSA @SweViver

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You want Backer Upgrade Plan D, the same one I chose:

All of those plans include a backer discount, so you don’t have to pay full price. I’m not sure, but I think these plans are all limited time offers.

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Thanks Neil have bought the plan D, 8KX:smile::smile::smile:


Great! I hope we both really enjoy our 8KXs. I find it hard to be patient, since mine probably won’t ship until April.


I guess mine will be a little later,I hope not too much being 75 I ain’t got that much time
to play with,also busting a gut to try the MAS ,comfort kit and base stations on my 5KXR
so a lot to look forward to this year.:grinning:


I understand all too well. I want my 8KX asap so that I can use it while my eyesight is still good enough to enjoy VR.


I chose Plan B, but I was not aware of Plan D (was there from the beginning?) and now I want to change my plan and I cannot get someone at Pimax to change it for me.

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Imo, the plans are overly complicated and confusing, but it’s far too late to change that now.

@PimaxQuorra, Please have someone look into @Izanami’s request. Thanks!

Hello Izanami,

Could you please kindly submit the ticket at Order Support along with your order number (SO#####). Our CS team will assist you to perform this transaction.

Welcome abroad to 8KX!

@neal_white_iii Thank you for tagging.

Thank you so much.

Have a nice day!