Backer store gone?

Hmm, ok…

So with the latest sale hawking handtracking modules, I have to assume the modules are in production now, so I though I’d go check with support what is happening with my side-ordered unit, from the kickstarter.

Hmm, My login is not recognised at the store… Oh, right! -They had a separate store page for backers, I’ll just go there… “Database does not exist”

So… Do we know whether there is a new URL for the backer store pages? …or have they been retired? Has anybody accessed them recently?

I have to assume if I create yet another store account, there is no easy way to authenticate linking this to my backer entitlements?


Just last week, noticed that the backer store was super-dead while contemplating on getting the Fiber cable for the X.

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If anybody is skeptical about the efficacy of marketing stunts, and anti-skeptical about the wisdom of the informed customer, I am finding myself considering the halved-price fiber cable, even though my X is collecting dust. :stuck_out_tongue:


Not only this (and btw. this is already going on for a while): It basically voided all acess to - still - existing pledges, orders, backorders and vouchers, not fulfilled/fulfillable DMAS, ET voucher and so on.
I hav a ticket open because I wanted to finally apply my ET voucher - remember - it was 100,- USD against 200,- announced. Now they transfreered the voucher to the regular store the voucher in EUR is credited at 82,- EUR, so based on advertised 200,- the ET was advetrtised to us on upgrading I should equally end up at 82,-, too. Adding 19% local tax this should result in 99,- EUR. Instead going the new routet I would be facing 181 EUR / 220,- USD - what a farce. Not mentioning that due to not available with the Upgrade shipping, paid for in November 2019, I need to insist shippingg should be completely covered on Pimax behalf (as this is alsodue to tax makes it even worse). I am still waiting on an acceptable proposal from support.

On my side only Express shipping was available @ 30 with no other shipping options available.

Same here though I have a working extension cable setup with the standard cable and don’t really need it… :rofl:


The backer store is currently shutdown for maintanence.
If you wish to check your existing order or retrieve information from the backer store, you can contact with our support.
The data is still under protected at the backend.



Thank you. I think I’ll give it a few days and see whether the maintanence is done by then – otherwise I’ll check whether I can open a support ticket without being logged in, or if it necessitates creating a new account. :7

@Klaus and CMM: Oh dear… Well, let’s hope Pimax is as good as their word, and that they can soon sort out your concerns as well as mine. Hmm, I seem to recall the limited shipping options is something we’ve seen before…

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Pimax really needs to figure this out.
I put the cable in and was also quoted $30 for shipping. I thought I’d add a KDMAS. Shipping price jumped to $54.
No way it cost an additional $24 to ship a cable in a box. I am getting shipping from all over the EU and China direct much cheaper for bigger items.

Shipped but no tracking number:

@Claire Please take a look about it

Hello, sorry for the trouble. We have informed my American colleague Amy to deliver the goods to you. I will feedback to you once I get the tracking number . I have left a message to Amy. Because of the time difference between China and America , Amy has not replied to me yet. Hope you can wait patiently. Thank you.

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Paid for Express shipping but got “Media Mail”.

Was the Express just from overseas?

The cable is not expected until the 27th.

I’m really sorry for not being thoughtful. I have communicated with Amy, and she will arrange another express for you and let you receive the goods asap.