Backlight brightness control

The new 262 version of PiTool has re-enabled the Backlight brightness option. (Finally!) It now has 5 levels (0-4), instead of the old 3 levels (Low, Medium, High), so I decided to test it in Elite D.

My eyes are particularly light sensitive, so I planned to use one of the darker settings, but discovered that the brighter levels actually improved my immersion, because lights were more realistic and stars were more visible. The slightly-gray blacks (due to LCD panels) didn’t bother me. I settled on Contrast at +1, Brightness at -1, and Backlight at 3 (not 4, due to my light sensitivity). I may yet set it to 4, but I also worry that the extra brightness would prematurely age my backlight LEDs.

Elite D looks really good. I’m glad that Pimax finally restored the Backlight option!