Beat Saber. What is Pimax doing to support Beat Games?

Beat Saber. What is Pimax doing to support Beat Games?


Is pimax doing anything to work with beat games right now to support one of the most popular vr games to work without parallel projection mode?

I’m talking now on the beat saber mod discord where there is at least one beat games employee and another modder that has a half-working dll made to reduce the eye mismatch of the broken VFX on canted screens.

I’m getting some disappointing stories from them about pimax not providing hardware for beat games to use for testing and official support. I did my best along with the modder to explain the problem and its solutions from a dev perspective, and the guy there has promised to carry that water to the developers to discuss a fix… but this is really the kind of out reach people at pimax need to be picking up.


Thats great that you went through that.

They way I see it, Pimax will have to pay the devs if the devs were to put resources to make the software work better on Pimax. The question is, will they? Pimax is very niche, and business wise the devs wont taken seriously unless they are likely compensated for the work required

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In this specific case it appears that they did their postfx pipeline for JUST the left eye and duplicated it for the right eye, which probably felt like a smart thing to do to optimize performance back when they could assume all hmd’s had parallel displays because it was just the oculus cv1 and vive og then. they just need to rewrite the math to remove the assumption of parallel displays and do the actual math at run time on the camera transforms (and even check if they’re parallel at that point and keep their optimized pipeline for parallel display hmds)

i do see this (technically unrelated) thread now which is is another level of disappointing: Unity will not fix the object popping/culling issue for Pimax. Sorry guys , pimax really has to get in and push on this one and make it clear that unity needs to properly support steamvr and stop making assumptions about things like fov and displays.


I see. Has Pimax tried to compensate the devs to improve compatibility with the headsets. Nothing better than a good incentive :wink:

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A load of us message bombed Beat Games a while back and we got lots of nice messages back but zero actual results.

I agree that Pimax need to get on at them too. They need to get in touch with every dev of a big VR game really.


A year ago, I sent to Beat Games a complete analysis about what was wrong with Best Saber down to the particular shader, and how they should fix it.

Considering they were not far from me, I also offered my Pimax and eventually a help with the fix. The only reply I got was “thank you for letting us know”.

I understood they were not interested.


Given Facebook now owns Beat Games, the probability of this happening is zero.

Even before the purchase, Beat Games were very slow to fix their game. It took them ages to make the game playable with Index controllers.


I have just over 10 hours in beat saber but i cant really say i noticed any issues so id guess its not in any way game breaking and that might account for not a lot happening.

Well. It definitely breaks the game quite badly if you don’t have Parallel Projections enabled, which is very expensive in performance cost.

They just don’t care. What % of their customers use a Pimax headset?

The bloom and reflections are mismatched, do not play without parallel projections.

here’s a pretty clear example, you can see on the right eye the bloom is in the same screen space position as the left eye and therefore not aligned with light sources or geometry. this can cause discomfort or even headaches as your brain fails to combine the two incompatible perspectives.

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huh, hadnt even noticed, ive had parallells enabled since the start due to playing fallout4vr, vorpx stuff and elite dangerous so i wouldnt need to change it between games and im running a pretty old comp that i put together in 2015 i5 and upgraded to a 1080 back in 2017 but performance isnt an issue for me at least.