Best games for 8KX?

I’ve had GearVR before and that’s it, no other Oculus or Vive experience etc. And now 8KX is arriving in a couple of days. I will have RTX 3090 as soon as it appears, so no hardware limitations.

What would be top 10 best games or demos to experience & showcase 8KX in all its glory of native 4K and large FOV?


Hellsplit Arena ( best VR textures) with the upcoming Update ( full Index Controller Support and customize able graphics settings )

Lone Echo

Asgarths wrath with large fov very immersive but very demanding !

Boneworks with large fov and culling fix ( thank you dme…)!

Modded Skyrim VR with 8k textures

Microsoft flight Simulator as soon as it gets released

Alyx with bhaptics vest

Contractors because of the best weapon Interactions and Detail !


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The biggest difference is imho when watching movies in BigScreen. Much closer to a real cinema feeling!
And applications where text reading is important. Like VirtualDesktop or Elite Dangerous.

Most VR games are still optimized for Vive and lately Index, so they don’t take full advantage of the higher resolution yet. Think the distance between old gen headsets and the 8kX will grow with newer VR games that contain more relevant details.
But imho things like lower aliasing and virtually no screendoor effect is a noticable difference that any application benefits from!


i’ve spend countless hours in modded skyrim (i like my animated surroundings pretty) but lately i’ve been getting into vrchat.


The Lab (free from Valve)
Borderlands 2 VR
The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners
HL Alyx (a must)


If you have had no other headset then you will need lighthouses and controllers to have room scale vr. Are you looking to play with an xbox controller?


I’ve used Plan F and received Index controllers and 2 stations. Already set it up :slight_smile:


While it’s not a game, Virtual Desktop should really let the 8KX shine, due to the high resolution allowing the small text to be easily readable.

Any seated games with detailed cockpit displays would also show off the 8KX. Two of my favorites are Elite Dangerous and Assetto Corsa. Driving games will also show improved clarity in the far horizon details.


What type of games do you like ?


The great Plan :rofl:

Star Citizen with VorpX

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@Yata_PL Of course, I gonna try some shooters, just to learn how it looks in VR. But more interested in all kinds of simulators, which are fun and also provide some real-life training, like racing, flying, table tennis, may be medical etc.
And then very appreciate great stories, like God of War, Horizon, Last of Us, Alyx.
Will try Skyrim or smth like Stalker etc, but afraid that boring grinding is not for me, too time wasteful.

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You got most common recommendations already, so I mention some less obvious experiences (I’ve only 5k+ for now though, still waiting on 8kX):

Chess Ultra
chess in VR with beautiful graphics.

Conscious Existence - A Journey Within
This is just demo/showcase - prerendered 12min video. With 4096*4096 resolution it might not show full 8kX potential but it is still the most impressive visual experience I have seen so far in VR.


I strongly recommend to try Lone Echo, it was gem of VR since 2016 & still it’s, great story, great after game impressions, but you need to install revive, oculus home & oculus account (maybe FB linked). Also Echo VR is great multiplaer fast paced game based on Lone Echo zero G games engine

Dirt Rally 2.0, somebody prefers tracks & lap racing, I like DR2 coz it also has great graphic, control & rally based gameplay, more enjoying for me

as others said - Elite Dangeous & DCS, DCS has great IRL aircrafts mechanics & steep learning curve which is great for what you demand.

Racket Fury / Elven Table Tennis

Racket NX

Pistol Whip


Vertigo Remastered even Vertigo 2 ( you can try DEMO)


I’ve already played Half-Life: Alyx long enough to answer your question. It’s one of the best VR games out there. I’ve been playing on Easy, since my reflexes aren’t what they used to be. :man_white_haired: There’s an even easier Story mode, which lets you experience the game in a less demanding way.

Have you played any of the previous HL games? If so, HL:A will feel familiar. There are numerous physical puzzles, like “What do I need to do, to get over there?” If you get stuck, there are many walk-throughs on the internet which can help.

HL:A is a slow-paced game much of the time; it encourages detailed exploration of the rich surroundings. It’s the first “true” AAA VR title (and that’s not just my opinion, many others have said so).

It certainly has fast-paced areas and it can be scary and unsettling at times, just like the original HL games. It’s a familiar world (to me) and it stays true to the previous games, while expanding the world into VR.

I think it’s a game which nearly every VR player should play (and will enjoy), since it lets you experience what a “next level” VR game can be. I highly recommend it. :+1:

HL:A is free, if you buy a pair of Index controllers ($300), which I also recommend. HL:A makes good use of those controllers and I think it helps with the immersion. Standard controllers are also supported (but I haven’t tried them, since I don’t own any).

If the price of the game ($60) is too high for your budget, I suggest placing it in your Steam wish list and you’ll get an email the next time it goes on sale (probably near the end of the year). Honestly, I think it’s worth the full price; I paid $300 for the game and got a free pair of Index controllers. :laughing: I don’t regret the purchase.

TL;DR: Buy it. It’s a great game!


So far I use VR excusively for sims (primarily IL-2 and DCS), but in the January I decided to take the whole package with controllers and try HL:A as well.


Skyrim VR modded, Blackreach is awesome in vr. Over 1k hours so far, open world

Half Life Alyx - good scenes to make you jump and heaps to interact with - linear story with replayability

Boneworks - linear story with replayability

Google earth

The lab - multiple activities but no real story

Hot dogs, horse shoes and hand grenades - fun to mess around in

Hellblade - linear story but interesting

Elite dangerous - couple thousand hours in this one but is mostly grinding and playing my own music in the background. Space sim