Better Support for AMD GPU's


Given the improvements in AMD more people are changing over to team Red as Ryzen systems are proving to be better gaming machines, can we expect to see better support for AMD GPU’s from Pimax or will it remain in NVIDIA’s camp?


Hi Jonathan,

To be clear, we aren’t in any camp. We support GPU’s based on the quality and feature sets that exist in their drivers and supporting SDK’s. At different times one or the other may have more reliable/robust support but what you see from us is a reflection of the implemented capabilities rather than support from us for any particular brand.

For the record we support AMD and Nvidia and will continue to do so within the bounds of our own capability and the limits/reliability of the SDK’s provided. I imagine we will also look into support for the Intel DG2 once that is released as well but the same conditions apply - it would be based on what sort of capabilities are there and how reliable they are.


Does 6900 xt support 8kx at 90htz? Sorry I ve been out of loop since I still have 2080ti but hopefully I can get lucky soon

some people say „yes“

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I see they have limited stock at microcenter near me. Not sure I want to pull trigger if it doesn’t push my 8kx to 90htz…also I ve been burned a few times waiting in line at microcenter on limited stock only to find out they had zero stock

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I couldn’t help myself. Over priced but isn’t everything!

Computer Porn… :joy:


Same as my card…


Suggest you instruct your customer service team to refrain from recommending people with technical issues go out and buy an nvidia gpu because that is why I came to that conclusion…


Their recommendation is the right thing at the moment.

Once again we support within the bounds of the SDK and support provided and right now NV simply provides more capability.

As the SDK’s and feature sets evolve that is subject to change and that could easily happen.

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Way to miss the point there. How about your team fixes any AMD related issues rather than tell people to simply change their expensive hardware. If someone logs a ticket relating to an AMD and Pimax compatibility issue then you don’t get to call it resolved because you said “get a different GPU”.


Can’t add things that aren’t supported by the SDK. When new capabilities, optimizations and bug fixes appear we try to quickly implement them. In some cases there are few options - it’s either “wait” until the GPU manufacturer provides a fix or switch to one that already has it working well.

The situation could easily be reversed at some point. But we do revise for AMD all the time but those revisions are limited to the platform.

looks very pretty :grinning:

Have you reached out to AMD for the SDK yet?

Hopefully you aren’t being serious…

Do you think I am joking? But it help that you provide a roadmap to solve a relevant issue

Yes, joking or just pure trolling. We are partners with AMD and have worked with them a long time. Without that it wouldn’t function at all. Why do you think 90Hz works on AMD?

PS: How in the world can we provide a roadmap that totally depends on features and revisions from a GPU manufacturer. It’s just silly.

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As AMD grows to be a greater competitor to Nvidia more users with those GPU’s will show. It would be wise to try find solutions for AMD compatibility sooner than later. Or at least try make the users feel confident that you are listening to them

I got the 5700xt
It runs smooth as I need.
(especially with 60w tec module on it.)
no way i can justify 1000+