Big screen movie lover

using it almost only for watching movies (like AVATAR 3D, STAR WARS 3D, ICE AGE 3D and so on) is it really worth buy the 8KX instead others HMD?

For Your own experiences there will be a clear difference compared to the RIFT, QUEST, VIVE pro etc. etc.?
Will the 8KX largest FOV make the difference?

Moreover, will the 75hz refresh rate (I only have a 2080 graphic card) be adequate to watch 4K movies?

Thanks in advance for Your advice.


I guess it’s one way to get a big screen experience, I found it cumbersome to watch movies in a hmd, Then, I have a projector that throws a 150" display on the back wall of my rec room and a surround system worthy of big screen viewing. This also being a sharable experience affords group enjoyment.
Add to that, that the video can be upscaled (Cyberlink) to blueray and beyond giving older titles a visual that can sometimes be quite amazing. In any case, I don’t have to feel around for the popcorn. :grinning:


Similar, 133" projector setup and surround, also 77" 4k oled in the living room… so I wouldn’t watch typical movies on a hmd, but there are some exceptions…

3D movies are great in a HMD, also watching stuff when away such as on holiday/traveling can be good too (thinking of more recent portable hmd’s of course).

75hz won’t be a problem, there is a 60hz mode too which is better suited with watching movies. For almost all, the frame rate is a lot lower than that anyway.

A 2080 will be fine too, watching stuff in big screen or virtual desktop or whatever viewer of choice is generally lower resource-intensive, you can go even further to use non 3d environments too if needed but I doubt it will be.

An 8KX will look ‘a lot’ nicer than Rift,quest(1),vive overall, especially the lack of sde is more important in my opinion… the fov however isnt as important, you typically don’t fill that much of your viewing area with a movie screen, so it’s more the environment feel such as a cinema that is the immersive part the fov can contribute towards.

Overall in my opinion a quest 2, reverb g2 and 8kx are all viable and decent enough for watching movies (not taking into account audio differences), so I would judge your decision on any other factors and use cases you might think to have.


I’m sorry I did’nt say that I already have a home cinema room with 3D projector and a big screen (140") But You know, HMD is quicker and more easier change movies/videos jumping from one to the other.

I was interested in whether the image quality it seemed to be at least equal to my BenQ W1720.
Thanks again for Your comments. :+1:


Damn, everyone has a bigger projector screen… I need to up my game :joy:

I’ve not seen a 4k projector in action (still using an old Panasonic 1080p) but none of the hmd’s out will be equal to a typical 4k setup, however they are certainly on par now visually with 1080p where tv/movies are concerned, and no sde (or practically none) on these current models is nice to finally have.

I see 3D content on your projector is 1080p anyway so my best guess is you won’t notice much difference and there is the added bonus of not having to use 3d glasses which typically make the image duller and in cinemas give me eye strain, so 3d content seems best in a hmd for me.


I use my 8KX to watch movies, sometimes. It’s “good enough”, but not as good as my 27 inch 4K monitor. Since I don’t have a projection TV, I use my HMD instead, for “big format” movies, like 1917, and for 3D movies, like Avatar.

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theres a pretty big advantage over the other headsets for watching movies imo if you were talking about the app bigscreen though, its kind of bad unless you buy all the movies yourself. The app renders the videos in the HMD of the host, so all the rooms you join will have badly pixelated movies

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My entire movie library being on hard drive means the double click of a mouse is all the ease i need. No biggie for changing flicks. TV tuner also part of the pc as well.