Big Thank You to Sweviver and Armin

Title says it all. You guys had a good thing going for a while with PE. What a great tool with so much potential. Too bad you had to work with the PiTool guys too. Very disappointing to hear we were very close to an IPD adjustment tool. My 8kx has gathered dust as I was waiting on this enhancement to PE.

Now based on what is said, we may never see it until the ahem 12kx gets released hopefully sometime this century. I don’t have great hopes the implementation of Pitool and PE will be a great success.

They can’t even seem to fix the latest Pitool and firmware. Luckily, I haven’t done the update, so I thnk I’m OK with my 8kx. However, since it’s been sitting on my desk since April, not sure.

Guess if I want to try and get my money’s worth again, I’ll have to spend hours trying to find a damn IPD I can tolerate. My IPD is 58.5, very difficult to adjust on my 8kx…ie not fun.

Again, I say a BIG Thank You to Sweviver and Armin. Sorry, also had to vent too. I feel a little better, but I know it won’t make a damn bit of difference.