Big Thanks to the Chinese people!


I want to congratulate the Chinese people on their victory in this dire situation!

Not only did and will the selfless efforts of your country save countless lives, but it has already tought us many invaluable lessons about health, economy, politics and last not least humbleness.

The world owes you for bringing us hope and showing a way out of our miserable situation.



道 德 經


Tao Te Ching - Lao Tzu

The Victory of Softness

The softest thing on the universe
Overcomes the hardest thing in the universe.
That without substance can enter where there is no room.
Hence I know the value of non-action.

Teaching without words and work without doing
Are understood by very few.



Very well said. :pi_thumbsup:


By honouring me,
you honour yourself.


Your opinion,

My country was put at risk deliberately and they didn’t give a flying fuk.

Not the fault of the ppl but the government, but I sure won’t be thanking the government for what they are doing, instead I feel sorry for their ppl because the lives don’t seem to matter much in the eyes of the government


Hey Oysta. What do you think of the numbers coming from Beijing? Sounds a little fishy doesn’t it :slight_smile:

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Oh look another coronavirus thread. Cant wait for the next one.

Let’s just say our Chinese staffs don’t believe it either.

Nothing to do with business or people or pointing fingers at all but in all seriousness asking world to thank china is a bit rich.

Something wrong with Internet in Europe or something?
Looks to me like the news coverage sucks there.


Hello Hyperion,

Thank you so much for those kind words. We do appreciate it sir.
We knew the virus caused thousands of lives. But our country is trying their best to overcome this severe situation. It was a turning point for China within these 2 weeks.
But it isn’t good for Italy , Korea and other countries.
So let’s hope everyone will be safe and this virus is going to be wiped off soon.

God bless.



If the scenario mentioned by the German head of state that 60-70% of the German population will become infected will come true, the world will have to do without Chinese tourists and exchange students until a vaccine is developed. Germany is just serving as an example for many other nations.

Maybe officials from countries which decide to eradicate the virus and succeeded will show up on state visits in full protective gear from now on or just won’t leave their country at all.

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I like Lao Tzu and his work. But where there is no room nothing can enter because there is nowhere to enter to :-). Maybe there is some meaning lost in translation.

Non-action I practice often :slight_smile: but nowadays most people call it being lazy or ignorant…


I didn’t even read the English translation. :wink:

Oh, hmm. I think you missed some aspects of the dialectics of Nothingness and Being, which necessarily sounds contradicting. But this is too deep right now, sorry.


I try very hard not to respond to that one @mojojojo , but I failed at least to some point.

@Hyperion thanks for sharing that!


I think, at this point, the COVID-19 is already borderless. The rest of the world is gradually experiencing what happened in China from late December to February, a rapid growing of daily confirmed cases, death cases, out-of-stock of medical supplies like surgical masks and maybe panic for some.

My story,
I started wearing my first surgical mask upon landing in China on 22nd of January. It was followed by a typical 7-day Chinese New Year holiday after which I was supposed to go back to work on 31st of Jan. However, very uncommonly, the national holiday was extended to 3rd of Feb nationwide and then to 9th of Feb.
In my case, me traveling from my home province (not Hubei province where Wuhan is located ) back to Shanghai for work, I had to voluntarily put myself in quarantine at my place in Shanghai for 2 week during which I was ’ working from home '. On the 24th of Feb, I was finally qualified to enter the work building.

And I am not alone. This is just one of the Chinese cases of non-CONVID-19 confirmed-Chinese during the epidemic. Before 24th of Feb. I went out for only doing groceries, and that was like, 1 time in 3 days.

The coronavirus is tricky as it has incubation period as long as 14 days, and there are few cases reported of 24 days even, showing no symptoms at all but during which it’s still extremely infectious.

Quarantine is described as an ‘ancient solution’ to decrease the infection, but it works when there is no vaccine and as the numbers we are looking at everyday are dropping. The whole country of population of 1.4 billion has 11 confirmed cases yesterday, with 28 out of 34 provinces that has no new confirmed cases.

Yet, we here have had 3181 people lost their lives to it, most of whom are the elders but many young cases exist too. Now there are 4020 cases are severely ill and this number does not include 13600 confirmed cases.

Hope it helps with raising awareness of severity of COVID-19 in this community. There are many lessons to learn.

It’s preventable, but it requires actions.

Take care.


I forgot Russia in my equation.