Blast from Past Ramboards

Interesting idea to reuse old memory as a Ramdrive.

However who remembers ISA Ram expansion boards?

I myself had 2 in my ancient 386sx16 with Mathco. My system had a full 4megs of Dram in chips. Now I had yes 10 isa expansion cards in a standard 7 ISA expansion a mobo.

I had a 2meg dram expansion board in a 16bit slot and I had a later version of this board that could hold 4 30pin Simms of which I had 4megs. Giving me a total of 10megs of Ram! :laughing:

I used 2 vertical 16bit Isa expansion boards often in Compaq systems at the time to have 10 ISA cards.

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When PCI Ramdrives showed up, I remember thinking how amazing their performance was.

Now I put M.2 SSDs in RAID 0, and sustain 7.5GB/s read/write. RAM is commonly still within the same order of magnitude.


Indeed SSDDs using pciX really changes things. Now you might do well with a Ramdrive if you have 64 to 128G of memory. However cost/G wouldn’t be worth it and nor would the performance difference.

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Well, nowadays OS works quite well in caching HDD in RAM, so there is no real need for RAMDISK.

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True though remember Amd Ram a couple of years ago was advertising some kind of ramdrive software. But agreed not much need of them anymore with how memory is utilized.

I have a copy and key for that software from AMD :slight_smile:

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there’s also stuff like this free on source forge - I tried it out and didn’t see much benefit