Boneworks Released!

And yet here I am, a backer still without his base stations not being able to play it.

How’s the performance for you guys on the Pimax headsets? If it even runs.

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I will get it once on sales …
But I see no reasons for it to not run fine on a Pimax.

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buying it now, have tomorrow off work so should be able to report back on any compatibility issues. I have a pimax 5k XR.


tell me it works on pimax. I bought it already I guess Ill know soon enough.

lol…youre either very naive or very young.

You forgot competent but wtf anyways?

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@drowhunter @Ludx It’s running perfectly on the 5K+ and using index controllers. Bought it at 1pm EST and tried it for 10 minutes today Its everything you would hope it might be :+1:


As expected :wink: thank you

:beer: I do understand the skepticism though since there are certain titles that just do not run currently on the pimax hmd, Stormland for example.


I dont have it :confused:
We cant have them all… but I didnt find one recently that would not run.
Maybe Vader Immortal, many was claiming it was not working but it actually does.
But Bonework is not an Oculus game, every Vive games runs good.


It’s running great graphics wise BUT…

I can’t pick up the bloody first cup! :slight_smile:

This is with index controllers and having reverted to 132 pitool (which thankfully solved the movement judders).

Anyone else been able to force grab the first cup with index controllers?

Maybe it’s the pitool version but the index controllers seem to work fine.


yes, with Index controllers and latest pitool


Hi JTeller,

Thanks for responding! :slight_smile:
Just to confirm. Do you mean you are easily grabbing it?

If so, I’ll try going back to the latest version and put up with screen judders :wink:

I don’t recall having any grabbing issue with cups or anything else, but I’ll temper that by saying if there are other issues I notice tonight will share with others here.

Another session , and I have to say that the inverse kinematics and full body depiction is hands down the best seen in any game to date. The use of physics based play structures, objects and phun factor are off the charts.

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screen judders on which games in particular?

so is it more than a tech demo?

exactly my point… I wouldnt give pimax the benefit of the doubt. I cant get batman arkham vr to run at all.

and everspace has graphical issues.

try arkham vr please.

not that I’m aware, I think the first part of it is an elaborate tutorial into the physics of the world and a vr controller’s manipulating objects etc. Reminds me of Portal in that regard (so far)…I have no idea what to expect otherwise as I am only minutes into the game.