Broken 5k+? Please assist and comment if you've had this before

I have no idea what is going on. I shut off my pc for several days over the weekend. When I returned, my pimax 5k+ will not power on. I’ve switched cables (I have two) to no avail. The diagnostic simply says I am not plugged in, which is not true. When plugging in or unplugging the unit’s power I hear the “found new hardware” sound, so the pc is finding the device. Can I return this thing for servicing somehow? Right now it’s a big expensive paperweight. Oddly enough, I can still get sound from the headset. The display will not power on nor will the light bar light. Please help. Thanks in advance community.

PS: The unit is always stored when not in use and has never been dropppped.

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You have 2 wall power adapters?

Does the hmd power led power up? Ie Red.

The found new hardware is likely just picking up the usb audio.

If you have a multi meter you could test output voltage. It sounds like you may have a dead power adapter. Iirc it is 12v 2Amp. There is an adapter that can be purchased to use a pc sata/molex cable

Not two wall adapters. Two audio/video cables. I’ll check on the red led…
Okay. I changed power outlets and presto. Power back. Interesting. Seems I must need a new power bar.

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Yeah old power bars can get flakey with the plugins it seems. Glad you have it up n running.

Yep, i’ve had that when 1 of the power outlets on the strip died. Definitely get a new power bar. I bought a good APC bar with a building fault warning. Discovered a flakey wall socket because of the feature and replaced it.
Glad you worked it out.

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