BSManager Ver 2.1.0 - Wakeup and sleep Base Stations auto with HMD

Major Release supports Base Stations v2

Thanks to @SparkerInVR for the patient testing!

Currently supports Pimax and Vive Pro HS.

  • v2.1.0

    • New: Background thread that will start and stop the BLE Advertisement watcher on demand
    • New: Reduced CPU usage from 0.01-0.02% to almost 0% in idle
    • New: Optimized memory usage, should be stable at about 65MB (Garbage collector every 10 minutes)
  • v2.0.0

    • New: Support for Base Stations v2
    • New: Removed discovery to use BLE Advertisement messages instead
    • New: Icon to display BS status, action pending
    • New: Switch to enable/disable Debug Log
    • Fix: Many fixes and code improvements

Small bugfix, released Ver 1.0.1

  • Introduced a wait of 2.5 seconds between BLE discovery cycles to wait for BLE adapter to be available at system startup
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If someone is interested in using it with the Base Stations v2 just let me know.
I just need to know with which name they are advertised in Bluetooth and a test with BLEConsole to see if the commands are right to wakeup & sleep.

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Found an old log sent by a tester with the BS v2 BT names so I’ve blindly added support for v2.
Let me know if it works if you test it.


Thanks, I’ll give it a test with my two v1’s