Bug 8kx, on/standby when computer start. It should be off

Bug…: 8kx
PItool…: v1.0.1.263 ( but belive all versions have this problem )
( i also have pimax 5k+ and it is always off when computer boot ).

When i start my computer and boot into windows, then the VR headset is turned on
and i see a ( blue light )… Then the VR headset lay next to me being on and wasting power without being used. ( and it get a little warm as well ).

Solution…: I like to suggest that the 8kx ( and any pimax vr headset ) do not turn on by them self when the computer boot into windows, but first turn on when you press the power button or manualy turn on pitool or steamVR.

( ps… I have turned off Pitool so it do not book on windows startup, but even though the 8kx light is blue and in “standby” mode. ).

@PimaxQuorra This is also my main complain about the 8K-X. It has already several hours of useless on-time because it switches on with the computer (because it is USB powered) and I forgot to switch it off. After all a computer is also used for other things than VR playing.

The HMD should only switch on after pressing the power button!

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