Can i use my own headphones with an early 8KX (SMAS)?

There’s an early 8kx with smas headphones thats for sale. Ive never heard smas headphones but know theyre supposed to be weak. So, can i easily add my own headphones (in ear monitors)? I think there’s 2 3.5mm audio jacks on an 8kx? If i use only 1 will i still get left and right ear (stereo) sound outputted correctly? My headphones have only 1 plug.

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SMAS is barely functional audio for purely utilitarian purposes, not entertainment. It’s tinny and quiet, and marginal even for voice conversations.

You can use your own headphones instead. There can be trouble fitting them over the 8KX’s head strap. It depends on the design of your headphones. You’ll have to take them on and off separately each time you put on or take off the headset.

You’ll use only the 3.5mm audio jack on the left side. This has left and right audio. The right side jack is for use with DMAS only.


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Attention, when plugging in your own headphones. The glasses must be unplugged from the computer and powerless so that the DSP can adjust to the impedance of your speakers. Otherwise it can lead to an annoying noise.


The picture is more important, and for headphones, my advice is to find good ones for you, and adopt them on 8kx. If you have 3d printer, you may have much better solution then any original from pimax.
The microphone in 8kx is good, no need to change.

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Thx for the replies peeps! The 8kx i had my eye on on an ebay auction went too high for me price wise considering it was an early smas version and the seller had 1 feedback. Had to have a vr headset, so i bought a quest 2 :zipper_mouth_face:

sorry for asking but what happened to the aero?i remember you liked it alot,or you want the crystal?

@carnathsmecher no problem. i lost faith in varjo being able to supply me with an aero without defects…my 1st aero had a dead pixel, i waited 3.5 month for a replacement, that came june 1st with even more dead pixels plus the tracking jittered even when stationary. this, together with reports of dead pixels almost daily in the varjo discord, i asked for a refund.

i bought the aero from a uk varjo reseller, and uk law states the buyer is entitled to a refund within 6 months if a replacement for a defective product is also defective. i was just inside 6 months. so didnt want to take the chance on getting another defective aero and not being able to get a refund.

in the discord there are people with 3 and 4 consecutive dead pixel aeros. bolox to that i’m not being 1 of them, not at 2k prices. its a good headset clarity/comfort wise, let down by problems in production and QC.

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Damn weird with these dead pixels,ive owned many vr headsets and not once i had a dead pixel in any of them i hope its not something with these new 35 ppd high resolution displays because of more pixels and this issue wont be in the reality series but then again 8kx has lots of pixels but more spread out.
on the aero discord i remember it was alot of users with this issue when i cancelled my order around february i think it was one of the reasons,crazy they still didnt sort it out yet,3 months for a replacement is very bad for the price.

agreed. it’s something i can’t understand at the price.

tbf i did get to keep my dead pixel aero while i waited for the replacement, “advance rma” i think its called? but now varjo have stopped doing that. u have to send your aero back and wait for a replacement. its taking about 1 month now going by the discord but its another reason i opted for refund rather than replacement.

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“advance rma” oh thats cool makes sense for 3.5 months now,i mean you lucky that they refunded you basically used the aero for almost half a year for free :smiley:

i haven’t actually been refunded yet :face_with_peeking_eye: they’ve agreed to it but said they are going to “check” the aeros once they receive them then refund all being well, which will be any day now (they’ve been posted). yeh i’m lucky i guess…but would’ve preferred just getting a fault free aero in the 1st place.

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There’s a lot of talk on these forums about how bad Pimax’s QC is, and also a lot of talk about how Varjo’s QC is so much better. I’ve kind of wondered how all these people can “know” that Varjo is so great when the Aero has only been out for a few months, and almost none of them have prior experience with Varjo’s very expensive commercial headsets. So how can they have the personal experience with Varjo to actually know that the company’s products are so trouble free?

I think the reality is that these high end exotic VR headsets are inherently very difficult to QC. People have this idea that by virtue of the products being so expensive, QC just shouldn’t be a problem. As if the money simply dispels the harsh engineering realities of cutting edge technology. At the factory, $100 bills are lavishly rubbed over each unit which ensures no defects.

People seem to imagine that Pimax doesn’t even do any QC and just ships VR headsets straight off the end of their assembly line without even checking whether they turn on. And that can’t possibly be true, or they would have many times more defective headsets to RMA than they do. It wouldn’t be viable businesswise.

In reality for both Pimax and Varjo, defective headsets you receive will have been through a substantial QC process that they passed. If you were personally there at the factory and examined the unit yourself, you probably would have concluded it had no defects, too. It will have been burned in for several hours, tested during and after. Everything is good. No problems. And then it’s shipped to the customer, they plug it in, and now defects appear.

I’m not saying Pimax and Varjo both have equally good QC. I’m just pointing out that people make a lot of assumptions about this topic which are probably not actually true. A meaningful analysis of how good the QC actually is for each company would require information and data that we do not have access to. The impression that most people have about how companies compare in terms of QC probably comes more from marketing image than anything else.

oh hopefully they will refund and welp you can always reorder and restart the warranty or uk law,personally i wouldnt tho unless they claim they actually do something about QC with those dead pixels.

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were you at the factory?you make just as many assumptions as everyone here,nobody knows wtf they do in that factory but the same person getting 4 headsets with dead pixels one after another that person might think those dead pixels dont just pop up during transport and its a fair assumption that their QC control is trash,if thats with probably stellar QC like you say then f it i wouldnt even want it for the premium price,a customer should expect a premium service,not exuse it cause its “cutting edge”

hmm i’m not so sure. with the 8kx i received that came with sparkles from the start (duff cable), it would take 3 seconds just to look at a dark scene and see the sparkles.

with the dead pixels in the aeros ive received, the 1st ones dead pixel would have taken 30 seconds max of looking at a pixel screen test. granted, the 2nd one would’ve been harder. but that’s to me, i’m not skilled at it. the 2nd aero jittered when stationary too. how they didn’t spot that i don’t know.

i’ve worked in a production factory where we made prescription lenses for glasses. the lenses had to be spot on and there were allsorts of variations, we had lots of QC. i expect better of pimax and especially of varjo considering the price. the number of defective units reaching customers we’ll never know but anecdotally it seems bad.