Can we expect 5k+ SN204 with AMD to work correctly anytime soon?

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I was hoping with the latest Pitool update we would see fixes come for my Pimax with AMD so I can use the 65hz and 120hz refresh rates. Unfortunately 90hz is still the only refresh rate that works.

Is Pimax working on fixing this and can we expect a fix anytime soon?

I don’t know if this is an AMD specific issue or a 204 specific issue so it may apply to others.

The refresh rate issue is, you can select 65hz or 120hz but when the headset switches to these modes the games still output 90 fps. I have no idea if the headset is actually switching to a different refresh rate or not.

In 120hz mode you do get a smaller FOV but the game is limited to 90 fps and motion smoothing also will not function correctly as it will drop to 45 fps. 120hz mode also still has the issue of not rendering the same as 90hz which causes discomfort relating to an IPD issue.

In 65hz mode again the software will go up to 90fps and motion smoothing will drop the game back to 45hz.

There are other issues that may or may not be related such as how motion smoothing does not function consistently at some FOV’s and becomes unusable. But the main area of concern I have is the other refresh rates not working. Being able to race in 65hz for yesterday’s Daytona 24 hour race would have really helped as I was not able to achieve 90 fps with my desirable settings. Perhaps being able to use 120hz with motion smoothing would have been better but neither is possible at this point.

Is Pimax working on fixing these and can we expect a fix soon?


I am also curious to know. Do you have compatibility issues in any games with your amd card? I have a 5700xt and am considering an XR.

I pretty much just play iRacing. I have tried just a few other games since getting this card, about 15 in total. I have not noticed any compatibility issues with the games I have tried.

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