Can we get a more concrete timeline for shipment of 8KX Pre-orders?

Once again, the latest 8KX announcement was vague about shipping dates.

Can Pimax tell us when those who pre-ordered between X date and X date will receive their headset? For example, when do those who pre-ordered between October and January can expect to receive their headset?

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If the delivery speed remains unchanged, the delivery of all 8kx orders will be completed at the end of the month!


Are you saying that all 8KX orders including backer upgrades and preorders made between October and August, would all be completed by the end of the month?

That seems hard to believe considering how slow Pimax has been up to this point with shipping. It’s been more than 2 months since the Pimax Now event.

The delivery speed has been doubled this month, and we are under great pressure.


I hope quality is not impacted by this production ramp up.

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