Can we get an update on the new controllers prototype before December 31st?


Sword are beautifull controllers, i am talking of aesthetics.

But i don’t know if rings are good for playing VR

So, at Pimax place making another controller i would change the design


NEW Project Vision controllers instead of Sword sense

  1. Index design but with only thumbstick and 2 buttons
  2. Put the thumbstick for the right hand to the left
  3. no trackpad because in the index is small and then with trackpad the buttons go on the right position and that position is not comfortable
  4. Put a and b buttons on the right in relation at the thumbstick

Wow i saved Pimax with the best controller of the world!

after that

People saying that gaming with vision controllers is fantastic.
So Pimax begin to sell more VR Headsets


with sword controllers people saying they can’t play
They begin to buy index controllers
and this means they leave Pimax
Pimax selling less vr headsets

this is what you are risking

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Its SixSense all over again!

I ordered a pair. Probably paid too much for them.

You say that its not that your hands are too small but its that the buttons are hard to reach.

I wonder if that is what i’m feeling too.

My hands are small by any stretch of the imagination, but I feel like the buttons are just out of reach somehow. Like when i push the stick forward and try to push down its like ive just pushed it out of range to be able to push down comfortably. So I end up having to kind of slide my hand up a bit.

I also feel like the handle of the grip is every so slightly off. Loosening the strap helps a bit but its not perfect.

So these boosters will help with this?

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lol wait a minute valve made these?

wow. that’s so interesting. Maybe these should come in the box?

while a wait for mine to arrive. Is there something I can do to mimic the feel of how these work?

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Jup. I agree, they should… Why not? :wink:

You could put layers of tape on the part of the controller that’s facing You?

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how many? how thick 1/8 inch?

What about putty?


A few mm. You could try that too.

Have a look at the pics of the boosters and go from there?


All of this proves to me that the knuckles we got were really the EV3 and that they could have used 1 more revision before the consumer version.

This would have surely revealed the stick click problem
as well as the button layout and angle of the handle

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Another iteration wouldn’t have solved the part about the thickness of the controller.

People’s hands (and heads) are different.

The Touch controllers feel very small to me so weren’t they “done” either? :upside_down_face:

What I’m trying to say is when it’s about ergonomics there’s no “one size fits all”. It’s all tradeoffs.


I shot a demo test of the Pimax controller today.


Can you tell us something about what things you are still working on?
Will the design change a bit or maybe something with buttons or tracking to improve?


For what they charge for the controllers, they should include 2 pairs in the colors of your choice :+1:

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No controller or peripheral is going to be perfect for everyone. Even after years in development and testing there are minor issues (as we all now see) with the index controllers that’s true, but, I am so glad they were released at a pefect time to complete a big gap in my pimax vr experience. I can live with the minor things. Overall they are very useful and comfortable (the boosters help). The best controllers on the market at the moment. They raised the bar and expections high for the future pimax controllers which makes me feel it’s going to be another year before we see them.

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I have a larger hand so I find that the boosters help to reorient the angle of the hand by “pushing up” on the palm so to speak which has the effect of shortening the reach of my fingers on the buttons since they went slightly beyond -which didn’t feel confortable or natural. Also, there is a slight “twist” off-center to the base-grip area so that they don’t sit in the palm with perfect comfort ( a minor thing) and with the boostsers on this somehow eleviates or lessons that “discomfort” as you wear the controllers for extended periods. The boosters also add flare to the controllers with colors if you so choose.


with the index and my hands i noticed that pushing what I feel is straight forward was moving me not straight. I ended up recalibrating the forward position snow its says 10 degrees north west.

This is due to my grip on the controller.

Seems there is no size that fits all but ive never heard of or encountered this particular problem on the touch.

Touch was closer to one size fits all than valve was

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I don’t think i’ve ever seen anyone play beat saber to gently. are you doing that because the controllers are fragile?

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No, I’ll take a video of double hands for you next time.
It’s gonna be crazy.


@Matthew.Xu you play even worse than me, congratulations! xD

Edit: I’ve just noticed you don’t have the bases stations turned on at steamvr panel, why can that be?

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At 0:16 there is an impact between the two controllers

and Pimax is going ahead with this project!!!

let me say it is better for pimax to refund all backers and preorders

then for a new controller i have already written

the design of index is good , only put the thumbstick to the left, no trackpad and the two buttons goes to the right in relation at the thumbstick

Please also try shooting a pistol with two hands, like Cas from Cas and Chary VR did here:

I guess it is not even possible with those large rings around the Pimax controllers.

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