Can we have our money back from our DMAS order?

This has taken to long…
Could we have our money back please from the DMAS?

Yes, I requested a refund through a support ticket and it was quick. It’s $ 100 that stays at $ 96.60 I don’t know why but I didn’t want to fight. And I think it was the best decision I made and that in November I did not expect such a great delay. Now I am very satisfied with my € 20 Senheisser headphones that I have attached to the MAS with a couple of adapters.

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i think i am pleased too with a 100 euro refund…Let see what they say…

They tell you they refund $ 100 USD, but they actually gave me back 96.6 USD. And when you change the currency to euros, they stay at € 81.58(EURO), which is what you really receive.

hey Chumet,can you please tell me your ticket number ?

8999 DMAS refund, PIMAX 8KX

@PimaxQuorra can i exchange my DMAS order (this has taken far too long) for a 6 meter optical cable for the 8kx?


If you wish to edit the order, please contact with our support.
It should fine to change the DMAS to Optical Cable.

@PimaxQuorra thx for the reply,so there is still no sign when the DMAS is going to be delivered to their customers?

By the way,i thought i take a look again about my order…

Its very very sad to see that it was 11-1-2019… and still no Dmas…
In the meanwhile i had 3 other new other brands vr heads…


We will announce an update on the DMAS progress.
But unfortunately to inform that, the DMAS is not delivering yet.

The update will include the evaluation of the DMAS and expectation shipment schedule.
Please stay tuned.

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