Can we Have this verified?

So many promises that were made to make them seem proactive and profesional and dedicated and we certainly know now that Pimax is far far from those lofty persuits. Their message, productivity, and the image that they convey are fragmented and all over the map on a daily weekly monthly basis. And now we hear that Xunshu, their original enthusiastic PR evangelist, has “moved on”.


Let’s stick with the topic please & keep this topic low on posts.

Truth we are never likely to know any real details. Best not to speculate too much as time will reveal all. If she returns likely a temporary leave.


yes I agree, this thread should focus on the topic heading… for Pimax to answer to.

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We never made that claim, merely that they could be built and were determining if that was feasible without the controllers. The controllers were close though so we decided to sync production. At no time did way state anywhere that we could deliver LH’s immediately.

I’ve read many times where you misinterpreted other forum posters posts where your reply didn’t match up to the text so perhaps there is some degree of language barrier involved in some of these beliefs.

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You didn’t read the screenshot. It seems very clear. Unless your suggesting the team chose wrong words in translation.

"If requested we can ship base stations first before controllers ready."

"reccommend way is to receive controllers and base stations together."

So what is being misinterpeted there? The English looks good in Canadian.

Immediately no. Before controllers yes.


He merely is saying he think’s the LH would be ready before the controllers and if they became available we would be willing to ship them before. As I write this for the record we do not have LH in stock but the issues that revolved around the ability to build them are indeed resolved. Our plan is to try to sync the availability of LH’s and Controllers then ship them together whenever possible.


But it doesn’t change what is said. Lighthouses can be shipped before controllers.

So after the other post saying pimax received lighthouses & started to manufacture was not accurate?

Need to really get info organized. Yes can understand Light houses not ready to start shipping yet. But…


It was accurate actually. LH2 supplier (insert a name you know here) stopped manufacturing the subs entirely and only those who built them even before the KS had stock but had restarted for their own uses. We were and are prevented in fundamental ways from discussing it in any real detail, we’ve put out all that is possible. Suffice it to say all the issues were resolved and manufacturing began but the supply moq was sufficient that small deliveries were not possible.


I hope hope hope someone at Pimax will pull together an FAQ for these upcoming products. I presume the information is out there, but not at a high enough confidence level to share publicly. Someday… this will all make sense. Thanks for telling us what you can @PimaxUSA, and sticking it out with us nutjobs.

EDIT: I was so hopeful that the most recent Kickstarter would have more information. Nope, just a “please reach out to us if you don’t have your headset yet.” Sigh…


It’s what I suspected.

Could you please elucidate me as to what ‘subs’ you are referring to and what you mean to say referring to ‘supply moq’?


MOQ stands for minimum order quantity

So it sounds like Pimax would have had to buy a whole bunch and since they “think” that most people do not want the LH’s before the controllers they are not going to do that.
(again, money talks)

Also seems that they will not sell the LH’s with out controllers/HMD? because it seems to me they could probably sell a lot if LH’s to non pimax owners if they wanted to (unless valve forbids this)

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Pimax should have made boat loads of money from a breach of contract clause with the supplier(2017 hello).

Between the existing backers needing 2 LH, and those who would upgrade to 2 since this supply issue is going to haunt the ecosystem for a while, even without selling to non-Pimax owners I would think quite a large order could be placed.

If the suppy moq wasn’t sufficient for delivery why didn’t the team increase the order size? Or do you mean that the supplier didn’t have sufficient supply to send as requested?

(Keep in mind for my use LHes hold no real value without controllers. But if pimax is going to be longer than Valve’s release may need to get LHes asap while procuring some kind of controllers elsswhere in the meanwhile. Ie after july/august)

  • Granted LHes & Hand Tracking module would be a decent compromise. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

Valve has had this limitation in place. HTC even confirmed it in their forum awhile back that Valve is in control of supply & essentially sales.

Really depends on how well the contract wss made & reviewed. Companies often try to slip in clauses that benefit them ie clever loop holes.

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My guess is they never had a contract, just an agreement over the phone or during a karaoke night, hence getting a quotation of MOQ and price by the supplier.
The window of opportunity in 2018 was when the LHs for the Vive Pro were in production, with the Index entering the market things are looking up.


Tired of Pimax ,and their mumbo jumbo PR talk about “syncing” the release of base stations and controllers which means we won’t get them for another 4 months at least…Valve, take my money. Yea I’m Canadian hear me roar. Ship to Canada, we’re ready to buy.


Seems like a crap load of backers waiting for base stations would meet any MOQ. Wonder what would be happening if Pimax had delivered back in 2017/2018