Can't apply my downgrade credit with my defect headset credit


I’m trying to apply my $100 credit from downgrading 8K to 5K+ backer, along with my $100 credit for accepting a damaged headset and giving up on warranty, to buy controllers.
Pimax support is now telling me that they cannot be applied together because they are coupons:

As you may know, these two are not credits. They are used as coupons when customers purchase our products. So they are unable to be combined.

Neither of these items are promotional coupons.
It has been confirmed before by Pimax that the downgrade credit can be combined with other coupons, for example when mentioning the wireless coupon:

  • Can we use both wireless coupon and the $100 coupon with 5K+ ($200 in total) to buy wireless module?

Why is this not possible to combine with the credit of the damaged headset?



Can you please provide the ticket # to me, I will take a look at this case with the supervisor.

Sorry for the inconvenience sir.


Hi @PimaxQuorra

I was actually using the direct chat on the Pimax website, in the category “Order and After-sales Service”.
Do I need to create a ticket?


As I recall they did allow the coupon to be used with eye tracking as it was treated as a
Pimax product but they have always denied using it as a comdo (with other coupons) except for that one time where you could use it in conjunction with the ET discount. There may have been the rare exceptions in all the confusion but Pimax has been pretty clear on use of the downgrade coupon. Ended up using mine to buy a new cable when mine failed just after the warranty expired.
You can open a ticket but history suggests you will be unsuccessful.


I would suggest you file a ticket.
If the request is denied and I will try to escalate it to the supervisor to have further nego.


Hello @PimaxQuorra

I have filed a ticket and the request got denied.
Ticket number is 28314

Can you have a look at it?


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