Can't Turn On Smart Smoothing

Does anyone know why I can’t turn on Smart Smoothing? When I check “Turn on Smart Smoothing” in PiTool its status changes from “Closed” to “Unable” instead of “Inactive”. Also, fast moving scenes are blurred in games. The scenes aren’t blurred when I lower the anti-aliasing and game display settings to settings where the FPS is 90 or more. So it looks as if Smart Smoothing is off.

System Specs:
HMD: 5K+
Motherboard: ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-G
CPU: 8th Generation i7
RAM: DDR4, 16 GB, 2133 MHz
Graphics card: Over clocked RTX 2080

Did you say in another thread you switched to W7? If SM might not work without W10?

I can get Smart Smoothing to work on Win 10 but not Win 7. Despite this there are no messages in PiTool saying that this feature only works on Win 10, so one would think it should also work on Win 7 as well.

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@Alex.liu Windows 7 Compatibility?

Perhaps for the same reason Oculus’s ASW needs Win 10. That was when I felt the need to move forward.

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Likely some features are using libraries only found in later version of windows.

I’ve contacted Pimax support about this and a team member said that this feature uses libraries only found in later versions of windows.

It would be interesting if it just needs dll files. Bur likely more than dlls.

Yes, it would be interesting find out what files it needs. I had a bit of a look at the PiTool code on GitHub and I can’t find anything that’s worth looking into. I’m trying to work out what version is on GitHub. It looks to be an early version and it looks as if earlier versions didn’t have Smart Smoothing or Brainwarp. Is this correct?

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Yeah not sure what version either save it’s earlier version and a bit rough.

Plus i think it is just pitool and not the drivers.