CES 4 days away! Will Pimax be there?

That is very appreciated Kevin but you need to keep in mind not all pimax owners are part of the Pimax Discord. So please be sure to cross post updates here and on Reddit r/pimax.(missed the reddit updates)

Sorry to hear about Marcin. Give him my best hope he recovers soon.

Yeah 14 hour days are rough. Thank you for your efforts. I know these are rough days.

I know your pretty busy. However can you press the team to update on the missing Sword Controller shipments? There still mia.


I didn’t even know there was a damn discord, how many different platforms do we need to follow just to stay up to date?

Can someone post any relevant info here?


Kevin indeed came to Discord and took the time to answer all questions people had so I felt that was really nice. I don’t have time to reread what was said, if you’re interested I’d suggest to read back on discord, but a small recap of the very most important stuff (and at the risk of quoting Kevin wrong) →

What happened is that Pimax sent out hardware together with the booth parts to CES in crates. As you know, CES was cancelled, so Kevin wanted to at least do a demo with youtubers. However he didn’t have access to all hardware since some parts were still crated at CES (I think the even said scattered over various locations). To help Kevin out, Pimax China decided to last minute re-send out the missing parts with a courier but they didn’t arrive in time for the demo. So, missing some important parts, he could only do a very limited demo. Since they felt this demo was not representative of what the headset already is capable of, the youtubers are now under NDA and they wanted to do another demo, in Florida, with all hardware parts after which the NDA will be lifted. However Sweviver caught covid, I actually think Kevin said Sweviver was feeling pretty sick (wishing him all the best!!), so the plan now is to do that demo in Florida after his recovery.

There were a lot more questions answered, but this was the basis of what happened and what they’re planning now.


Thanks for the update. Much appreciated my friend :slight_smile:


Thanks for the subsumption! Didn’t find the info on Discord even though I searched (might have looked in the wrong channel?)
Think a forum is much better to put in information that is interesting to a bigger audience.


I just thought pimax had nothing to show.

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That you felt compelled to make this post (TY) is a shame on Pimax. I would not be proud that I ignored my own forum and the backers who have congregated here since day one. To add accent to injury they have to audacity to point out that they shared far more info elsewhere and did not even feel a need to link to it here. Can you feel the love? :grinning:


comon now, give pimax credit for keeping us “entertained” (distracted) with Xmas party-snap games and roll the bones giveaways (bait n switch) like the cute little pimaxians deserve to be.

Link to Pimax News Sources Needed.
Consider Pinning a forum post listing such relevant information, maybe in Annoucements.
Also, add a clear link to Pimax Socials, and official news on the main Pimax website. That would be of great help to many people.

Do also note, Discord is horrible for SEO due to the obivous fact that Discord servers typically are unable to be searched for by Googling them for queries.


These aren’t official announcements, barely have the time to post at all. Much more difficult to post here from my phone, discord much faster and is interactive for instant questions. The outrage mob always looking to find a reason to be offended and fabricate the worst possible intentions - that is just an unfortunate aspect of the internet.

This was just giving those interested some information and answering their questions. Nothing more complex than that.


Kevin it can be easy to post here. We can pin a topic as you know and if you need help with Markdown code to enhance the visual quality send me a pm and I can help. We have some new tricks as well to make things easier.

I use my phone all the time. When posting on Discord also open a Memo Ap; copy Questions and answers here. Then you can organize your QnA into a static post to use on different platforms: OpenMR, Facebook, Reddit. If your having trouble reach out. I am sure @xabbuswe , @TrevorVR and myself can give you a hand if asked.

Lets not jump to conclusions when communication has not been good lately; like the weekly updates that have been lacking that pimax has numerous times committed to and fallen short on.


Working on it, read your DMs on Discord :slight_smile:


Caught up had a nap in case we have an opportunity to go out plowing.

Looks good from what I read and saw there.

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@PimaxUSA Hey Kevin. Sadly it’s Bradley says he’s been trying to contact you for a demo. He lives in Orlando also


As we do not seem to be getting any further information about the CES2022 replacement event in this forum, I guess I will have to look into the Discord after all - can anyone please share a working invite ? Googled for one but that didn‘t seem to work any longer (or is it always only valid for one invitee anyhow - tbh, I rarely use Discord, just follow MRTV, bHaptics & YawVR over there)

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https://discord.gg/QsFDSWxr I think this will work mate :+1:


So… y’all went down to CES anyway… Did you show/demo to ANYONE? If so who? I’ve been actively looking for any info since the event.

What a sh*t-show of planning. I come from the world of independent film production… And trust me, we have to have a Plan A, Plan B and Plan C.

Otherwise it seems like Pimax is blowing smoke (again?). I’m new to the Pimax world and really want to champion y’all. Do you have a public relations dept??? Or is the Chief Operating Officer the public relations office/marketing Dept?

Was very juiced after your hour long interview with MRTV on YT back in October where you again and again stated everything was ready to demo and just hold any criticisms till after the product show at CES. That juice is turning bad with all this silence.

We can only assume things are NOT ready and your words are loosing value.

Wishing you and the team all the best.


The plan B was the private viewing in Vegas; there were a couple of issues that some of the equipment to be able to do a good demo was unavailable due to complications caused by omicron.

Which falls to Plan C to do a show for folks able to come. Contact Pimax if interested in attending.

So I can only presume you were not up-to-date on this evolving plans.

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Well, better don‘t compare Pimax to your ordinary Western hardware company, that level of professionalism isn‘t there. And yes, they tend to overpromise - or better, they will likely collect the majority of announced specs under a hood, but there is a big chance that it will miss the kind of refinement & alignment to work seamlessly together.

On the plus side they do attempt to go where nobody else is going, and it depends how much polsih and sometimes actually failure of functioning of a feature you are willing to accept to get the features nobody else is offering.

Example: the current 8KX has a great FoV & resolution, but for some games it needs additional 30% computing power on top of the usual load, the IPD is very finicky and it‘s not a fit for everybody‘s eyes. Ah, and the optional eye-tracking module can be bought - but not many have ever gotten it work properly.

That‘s Pimax in a nutshell for you. Not vaporware, but not polished consumer products either. Think of it as an experimental prototypey hardware.


The difference is we have been producing headsets in significant volume now for years.

I think most would agree every subsystem from A to Z have gone through many refinements during that time.

The Reality series is a set of refinements we have been working on for 2 years. Eye Tracking is from the most reputable provider - Tobii. Other subsystems have gone through years of refinements. Almost everything in the headset we have already manufactured in one form or another in previous versions. We are quite proud that partners like Tobii, Qualcomm and many others have chosen to partner with us on this new endeavor.

In addition we are not collecting money for this from customers so it isn’t crowd funding etc.

Even our manufacturing processes which once upon a time were largely manual are now quite sophisticated and operate from multiple plants with numerous lines.

When you consider VR experience the industry itself is rather new and we shipped the first headset ~7 years ago, near the very beginning. A lot has happened since the original Pimax 4k. Only a couple of other VR companies even existed at that time and none of those were really going for breakthrough levels of capability.