【CES2022 Discussion 】Pimax attending Ces?

Was wondering if they are still attending? My wife works for Colgate and it seems alot.of.companies are pulling out because of covid concerns

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Indeed, some of the big ones, including Meta, have already pulled out, more surely to follows:


Our booth at CES is not going to happen.

Initially, we were going forward without anyone from our offices in China but more people started falling out. Then the construction team hired to build the complex booth couldn’t make it (some of them are sick btw). A lot of media then started to convert interviews into remote webcasts. Some of the channel partners had their flights cancelled.

We weren’t left with much in the way of options. Still considering going to show the nextgen stuff to media and youtubers at the airbnb so they can get some hands on time - of course if they don’t reconsider going. Another option would be to do a show of some sort during that time. Would be a real shame not to show these samples as they are just amazing.

I imagine companies based in China would be the most affected as the restrictions back and forth are more than extreme.


Will we see any @SweViver through-the-lens goodness? Mainly for the resolution vs 8KX and perhaps a Quest 2 over Link to show what real VR looks like? :stuck_out_tongue: I know it’s tough to convey FOV, but the old FOV comparison videos were pretty good…can a camera even capture all of that FOV? lmao.


Even though I was looking forward to independent first impressions of the 12k I also think that this was the appropriate reaction to the current developments. Sometimes there are more important things than vr headsets!
All the best!


We will figure out something to show off the new items around showtime.


Its sad, but I would rather you all stay alive and healthy at Pimax. I think a Sweviver livestream would be awesome. Martin’s optimism is always contagious.


Better than the alternative contagion. Better safe than sorry @PimaxUSA . We will have plenty of time to preview development next year. Stay safe. :smiley:


Looks like Martin and I have to be there anyway, probably will be there for a few days to close out various things and transport the booth. Might bring one of the devices with us to demo. Then we are preparing a show with a lot of info in it that we’ll likely do a few days after we return.


Very sad. If there are nextgen samples like that I would like to be able to add my in-person opinion sometime. Maybe Pimax could do more roadshows when things are a bit less crazy.

In any case, just seeing the headsets with some of the new features and such capabilities publicly demonstrated at all will be awesome.


Putting a headset on your head that a random stranger just has worn … I guess it’s going to be difficult to safely demonstrate VR headsets these days. Really too bad, but it is what it is.

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No. Wiping down headsets and replacing protective covers headsets between users was already standard procedure before any of this happened, such physical contact is by far not the most substantial risk at such an event, and CES has very thorough precautions to minimize risk.

From what PimaxUSA has stated, I would go with logistics being the problem.

Really, the problem is that ‘CES flu’ has long been infamous before this, being scheduled right at flu season, and if anything, this year would have been the time to have rescheduled CES to always take place in late February if not later in the year.

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Pls send some samples to EU. Berlin maybe ?

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We will be doing some road shows for hands on in addition to media and youtuber demos and a livestream just after CES.


Sorry but this is just ridiculous. If the user who wears a headset before you has covid, can you guarantee that the next user won’t get it, if you just ‘wipe down the headset and replace protective covers’? Of course not. So yes, this definitely will be a big issue. Maybe not for you but surely for others.


Actually they are both wiped down and have a special covid gasket that is replaced each use. Essentially it’s a special mask for VR use. So the odds of transmitting via a headset are negligible. We’ve been using a variant of it even before covid for shows with a lot of traffic.

No booth but I’ll grab a stack anyway for the private demos.

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It just seems quite impossible to me to wipe of ALL virus particles especially on an object like a VR headset. I wouldn’t want to put on a VR headset right now in a demo environment anyway. And the people demonstrating and handling the headset all day long, would practically needed to be dressed like those people doing covid tests. Of any object you’d want to demo right now, an object that you put on your face seems to me to be most difficult right now with covid.

It could be kind of… fun, mind, made one lemonade out of given lemons, by blending donning of personnel in hazmat suits, with theming the pavillion around some outbreak or other disaster scenario, that ties in with some new compelling software title… :9

(…regardless of what some 5k cranes, and 500k chickens may have to say over in Israel right now, about gathering a lot of people in one spot during an outbreak. :7)

The barrier prevents your face touching the headset entirely. Wiping with a solution is just an added precaution. That said - yes - we did indeed decide caution was better for CES considering the extent of the surge.

So on the one hand you claim there’s no safety issue at all when demoing a VR headset that everybody puts on their face. But on the other hand you felt it was better to cancel CES because of the covid surge? Not sure how that line of thinking makes sense.