Chinese holiday's can potentially affect delivery time

Chinese holiday's can potentially affect delivery time

Doris Doesn’t read the news letter. saga2 Quorra says one thing, Doris says another. One tells me “For those who placed their 5K Plus order before May 1st the logistic team will fulfill the shipment prior to May 15th.” Doris says it may be a week or more before my order is even shipped. I seriously wonder which one is true, or if either of them are. I ordered before the headsets were out of stock. It’s odd to me that they are now unable to ship my in stock order, in the time frame given by an official post.



I think someone is reading this thread. I am thankful for that. The confusion has been frustrating, but maybe now I will get a tracking number. The website is the main problem. It promises such a great buying experience with the claims it makes. If it was just more honest upfront about being in a que for an order, instead of instant shipping and in stock claims, I would have a more reasonable expectation. I really wanted the Artisan to begin with, and if that was available as a back-order product, I would have gladly waited a month after purchase for it.

I work as a contractor for NASA. So when I order something, I have a certain window of time, I can be certain, I will still be at that shipping address. When shipping is delayed for an unusually long period, especially on a sensitive item like a VR headset and accessories, it worries/stresses me because I may have to move/change addresses before my package arrives. I did order this kit with the possibilities of delays factored in, but I was overly optimistic about my confidence in Pimax to deliver. I think I will still order an Artisan if I like the 5k, but I may have to ship it to a safer address first, then have it shipped to me wherever I currently am.

I would like to thank Doris for personally addressing this mistake. She could have just kept it inside her office, and left me to my thoughts. I know company departments may some times not communicate well with each-other. Maybe that is something Pimax will improve on in the future. I think that would increase their efficiency, and customer service satisfaction.


That’s awesome to hear Doris has been working very hard in difficult position. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Yeah, lack of communication between departments is a real business killer. It’s good to see they’re getting on it, it’ll help them out in the long run immensely

Well, just checked my e-mail, and was thrilled, was…

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Strangely, I received the same email message 6 times, within the span of 1 minute. There must be something wrong with whatever automation they are using to assign, ship, and send tracking alerts.


Well, a single silicon skin may or may not have been shipped so far.

Will keep everyone updated.

Also fun note, the first email is direct from pimax via and the second is pimax “via shopify”?

Good news? I hope!!

So it’s not in transit yet, but at least it’s now a valid shipping number.

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Another update, a third shipping company. So far, shipping is provided by china’s postal service, DHL, and FedEx. However,nothing is marked as received by any of the shipping companies. Progress is progress though I guess.


Latest update, a lot of goodies being held up by the shipping companies in china. Not sure they will make it by the 20th/21st as the trackers claim. I am however, pleased to see my purchase on the move. Seeing those knucks and lighthouses makes me happy. The headset still appears not to have shipped yet.

In a blessing of goodluck and fortune, I have struck a second hand deal on an Artisan headset, if payment method can be worked out. It’s outside the US as well, so it will be fun to see if an individual can ship me a headset faster than the manufacturer.


Well, the day has come, unless they have a teleportation device… So far, nothing has been given to the companies to ship, or it is an un-explainable holding by the courier in china. Currently, my Artisan purchased second hand, from an individual outside the USA, has shipped my HMD and it will be here by the end of the day tomorrow. That means, a normal every day guy, can get me a product in less than a week, from another country, faster than a multi-million dollar VR company can in almost a month.


It’s a race to the east coast of the USA. The second hand Artisan is in the lead, making it’s way through customs first, but halfway across the country. Will pimax’s delivery of the knucks and stations beat the individual shipped Artisan? I’ll find out by the end of the day if the shipping estimates are correct.

Meanwhile, HMD status has not changed, and the tracking number no longer has an estimated shipping date as FedEx has not received anything to ship yet.

Well, thanks to the shipping companies, neither is here today 5/21/20 as estimated by them. Both held up their respective parcels at customs most of the day. However, the second hand Artisan is being sorted in Maryland and ready to make it’s final move, while the Kuncks n stations are still at the port of entry New York, awaiting undoubtedly another move to a closer processing facility, before final hand-off for delivery.

Also, Zhang Doris has changed her name to Emily Wang. :crazy_face:

Exciting day! The winner of the first to my house private individual VS VR company Pimax is… The private individual!

Yes, one man, was able to box up, ship, and deliver a Pimax headset, from an island in the middle of an ocean, and get it to me faster than a VR company. I’m not saying this with disdain, it is purely from a place of humor. I finally have a Pimax Artisan. I haven’t had a whole lot of time to play with it yet, as I had to buy a separate US to euro style outlet adapter today. I will write all that up in another thread. It arrived at my house yesterday the 22nd around 15:30 eastern standard time US. (-6:00 UTC)

The previous day, I sent another update to pimax support NA and my open support ticket regarding my HMD and silicon sleve, that had delayed shipping for so long, the couriers changed estimated delivery to “not availible”.

The following day, I did not receive a reply, but was happy to find my HMD and silicon sleeve had finally been given to the courier for delivery.

It’s looking like a much brighter day. Although my wait time is going on three weeks for “instant shipping”, if my final packages make it here in less than a week, they will have delivered my VR experience in half the wait time of the competitors, and if I was Pimax, I would advertise a minimum 4 week wait for factory direct drop shipping. It’s still half the time of the competition, and would be a selling point. I might also consider partnering with some of the online stores that are having higher success with shipping Pimax products. This way a large amount of the logistical load is removed from Pimax, so they can focus on making these incredible products.


So, the delivery time, from pressing the order button until today, for my first of three packages, was 28 days from ordering. I had to come home and put the package in my house, and scurry back to work. I can only assume this box contains my Index Controllers and 2.0 Base stations. I am very excited to get home and open the box! All my items have now shipped, and will be here in the coming weeks. I’ll do some more updates when I get home and have time to screenshot things.

In the future, USA residents should probably request fed-ex or even China post to USPS if at all possible. DHL held up my package for nearly 3 days because they can’t delivery outside of major cities. My package made it’s final trip from DHL express, Baltimore MD, with the USPS service. Because of where DHL mailed it from, my package actually traveled south past my house, to another major USPS hub, three hours away. From there, it had to be shipped north three more hours, to my house. This left me wondering where my package was, since the DHL hub was only 3 hours away. I had no idea until I called DHL today and talked to a person, who gave me my USPS tracking number. From which I found out that USPS only had my package for less than 24 hours, and had managed to ship it across two states, and roughly 6+ hours of travel time, and processing through three facilities. The USPS amazes me often.

Meanwhile DHL is still sending me “Package Forwarded” text messages about a package that is already here.

I met a person on VR chat two days ago, that ordered a Valve Index. He ordered his kit way before I ordered my Pimax kit. He has been waiting 12 weeks! Pimax isn’t looking so bad if they can get me the remainder of my kit in the next two weeks, it will be half the time of Valve! If they can do it in the next week, it will be 1/3rd the time!

Well, I have to get back to work, more updates soon.


To be fair, apart from initial confusion, some missed deadlines, and having to communicate often, this hasn’t been such a bad experience. Thank you to my service reps, Quora, and everyone on the forum for support.


:weary: :weary: :weary:I’m so happy!!! :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

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Welp, the drama concludes. Is anyone else besides me and Pimax concerned about when my free silicone sleeve will get here? I think not. So unless there are questions, this is the end of the Saga.

Was it a perfect purchase, no, was the site misleading, yes, can Pimax get a headset to me in less than a week? YES! My 5K+ shipped less than a week ago. My knuckles shipped 8 days ago. Unfortunately, all of it was ordered 28 days ago. If everything shipped on the same day I purchased it, I would have had 20 more days that I could have already been enjoying my Pimax.

However, after talking to my friend in VRchat, I am thankful for my decision, and seeing it through. I will take Pimax’s 30 days VS Valve’s 90 days with still no delivery. As sad as it is, that should be a selling point on the website instead of “instant shipping”.

If you are thinking about buying Pimax, just know it will be up to you to follow up, and ensure the delivery promised to you. Yes there are horror stories from backers, yes many of them are true, but the company is obviously trying hard to do better.