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  2. Write a caption (30words) and include your favourite 2021 VR Games.
  3. Lucky winners will be chosen to win $10 Steam Gift Card

Contents period : 20th December 2021 - 3rd January 2022

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Winners will be announced on 20 th January 2022.
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Sorry for the horrible cable hell back there, and also the shameless desktop background. Please be kind…

I first got into VR a couple years ago with the Index. That led to me buying several other headsets over that time including Vive, Oculus, and recently a few months ago, Pimax. As you can see from this mess here, I really only have been using Quest 2 and my 8kx. The quest 2 mainly for a couple Oculus exclusives that I can’t quite get running right on my Pimax. And the Pimax, well, for literally everything else. It has easily beat the Index, Vive Pro 2, and HP reverb 2 in so many ways for me including clarity, resolution, software configuration, and more. It has its downsides but the cons don’t outweigh the pros.

The best VR experiences in 2021 for me definitely have to be the following, not really in a particular order:

Resident Evil 4 - Yeah not really playable with Pimax but probably my favorite game of the year. It doesn’t look the best but wow what an experience. The most exciting part of 2022? Playing RE 2, 3, 7, and 8 with praydog’s VR mods which should come out sometime soon. Stoked!

After the Fall - I have some issues with this game, most notably the 180 bug which has been brought to the dev’s attention. But even still, with all its problems at release it is more good than ugly. Definitely fun stuff.

Demeo - While I find it incredibly hard, there is definitely a market for just this kind of game. With the release of the third campaign just recently there is even more content to keep me coming back.

Table of Tales - This game was released on PC this year after having been a PSVR exclusive I believe. It’s not that long but very fun, similar style of demeo but single player with choices that change the outcome.

Ragnarock - Finally, a pirate/viking metal rhythm game with drums. What more can you say?

Myst - A classic we all know and love, but proves exceedingly difficult when you can’t look up the solutions without taking your headset off!

I Expect You To Die 2 - Even better than the first, I hope these zany puzzle adventures keep coming!

Bean Stalker - I kind of hated this game at first but the more I play the more I love it. Definitely recommend if you’re into climbing in VR.

Honorable mention - Cards and Tankards - This is basically a Magic the Gathering clone with a social aspect. Still a little rough around the edges but it is free to play and I highly recommend it if you’re an MTG fan.

I’ve played so many more games than this in 2021 but it’s just what I know for sure that I’ve played which actually released in 2021.

Thanks for reading!


As the first to share, you are the first winner!! $10 Steam Gift Card for you !

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Hi! I for OpenMR I will go with picture of my special edition of MAS, “XMAS”. (People in Discord group already are familiar with this)

I mainly play VRChat, but I have few games to mention!

Lucky’s Tale Remaster:
Absolutely recommend to check it out, it’s really well made remaster of the original 2016 Oculus exclusive, Available on Steam.

Chillout VR:
Social platform similar to VRChat, constantly getting better, pretty much just question of time when it starts to properly explode and get popular.

Outer Wilds VR Mod:
Absolute gem!! I got recommended to try this out at Pimax Discord group and DAMN it’s really great!
Also ran really well with my 8K X and 3070!

I wish everyone merry christmas and happy new year!


Finally getting to where no one has gone before in 8K and room tracked!

Getting into VR is a child’s dream come true! I remember TRON and the first VR HMDs out there as a child and dreaming of getting into the “verse” just like in Star Trecks holodeck. I started with the WMR device but since I am a bit affine to visual quality, I was looking for a better option and found the Pimax Kickstart Campaign. I am very happy I toke the chance and have now been using the 8KX daily and the 5k before that for a while. Seeing the future coming with the 12K I could not be more excited!
As the picture suggest I mainly play either Simulation (DCS or ACC/AMS or go into Shooter – Alyx was a dream!!) I do play “flat” since some gems like Cyberpunk or Star Citizen are not available with native VR Support.
I am very anxious for the future of VR, for me there is no way back from the 8k and no other way to play as VR, if possible! It just adds so much more to the experience, no matter if in aviation, racing or exploring other realities and dangers! I hope we also have and get the power to deliver those worlds to the HMD - thanks to DLSS and such its getting better and better!

And a glimpse into the library :wink:

Edit: Need to view it on a good monitor to see the special details on the xxl mousepad :wink:


You are the second winner~

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It seems everyone is on vacation ~
Not to waste the prize, the first five shares will all be the winner!
:santa:Today I will be a Santa Claus, looking for “chimneys” to deliver gift card :money_with_wings:

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Wow ,i see lots of games that I love too !!
& You are the third winner Marc~
BTW I recommend The eye of the temple-–very interesting puzzle game

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Thank You! I’ll look into it, had it in mind after seeing VoodooDE play it :grin:.

I Like your HOTAS and Monitor :wink:

Seasons greetings everyone :evergreen_tree:

This is my main setup for VR, something old mixed with a bit of new hardware.
My HOTAS is tugged away untill my YAW2 Pro arrives sometime in 2022 (Backer number 19)

My favorite VR experience (for 2021) would definitely be HL Alyx.
I started playing it with my KS 5K+ and when I ordered a backer upgrade 8KX I stopped playing HL Alyx to save it for the 8KX.
That was probably the best descition I made in 2021, saving the best games to be played on the 8KX.

VR library: Some of the games I have yet to try.


bingo~you are the winner


Here’s part of my setup (I have 2xhotas and quest 2 on a shelf behind me), must be the most untidy yet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
The blur at the bottom is my dog Tyke, he’s blurry because he was barking and moving his head when i took the photo.

These are my VR games (apart from a few non Steam one’s such as Star Wars Squadrons and GTA5/RDR2 which i play with VR mods).

Not many VR games compared to some of you. I lack bravery I think when it comes to game purchases!

My gaming highlight from the last year is MSFS 2020. I think i’ve played it most days since the VR version was released Dec 2020. Other highlights are HL:Alyx on my 8kx, so immersive with the fov. Currently (as you can see by my setup) i’m playing on driving games mainly, but i still play MSFS using xbox controller rather than the hotas on the shelf behind me.

Hope you’re enjoying Christmas and All The Best for the New Year :slightly_smiling_face:


Happy New Year!!! HL-Alyx is wonderful,I played twice.


Merry Christmas and (advance) Happy New Year everyone!!! :partying_face:

Sorry my setup is nothing fancy but works for me. Please excuse the battered old desk :joy:

Half Life: Alyx is my top title for the year, as I didn’t start playing until the 8KX arrived, and I stopped half way through so only resumed the campaign recently.

Even though I’m long past linear single player games, it still takes best VR title for me. I was enjoying No Man’s Sky for a long time and give them top marks for their VR implementation, given it was added some time after launch. Star Wars: Squadrons was good fun for a while, but a little limited in scope for replay factor. Finally I was very impressed by the new direction of Blade & Sorcery: Dungeons and look forward to seeing where that goes :+1:t4:

I don’t know how you guys took a screenshot of your full VR list so here’s the best I could do. A notable missing item off screen is VTOL VR.


Dear Pimax Team,

here are my setup Details:

Mainboard: Asus Prime z690-A
Memory: 32 GB DDR5 6000MHz CL36
Drives: (1x normal SSD 560 MB/s Lesegeschwindigkeit) + (1x m.2 PCIe Gen4 7000 MB/s Lesegeschwindigkeit)
CPU: Intel i9 12900k (not overclocked)
GPU: MSI RTX 2080Super (not overclocked)
Driver: Nvidea Version 497.29 from 12/20/2021
Windows: Win 10 Pro (Driver up to Date - 21H2 - and komplett new installation)

Headset: Pimax 8KX /
Pitool: V1.0.1.273
Headset Firmware: V2.1.255.299
Cable: Pimax 6M Fiber Optical
Controller: Valve Index Controllers Knuckles
Basisstation: Valve Index 2xSteamVR 2.0 Basisstation
Joystick: Logitech Pro Flight X-56 Rhino H.O.T.A.S. System (throttle and stick)

Best Regard,

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Heh… You didn’t walk down the exact same path as I did, did you? -Getting that VKB stick to go with the Thrustmaster throttle, after drift got too bad to live with, on the t.16000 stick that originally went with it. :stuck_out_tongue:


1000% :joy:


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Gaming PC is rack mounted in a 22U rack. 8kx and lightsaber on top!

PC: i9-10900, Nvidia 3090 FE, 32GB RAM, Samsung SSD

My driving rig:

DOFReality P6 full motion rig, DD1, Heusinkveld Ultimates pedals, bass transducers, Buttkicker, wind sim, etc.

I’ve tried almost every consumer level VR headset, and I always go back to Pimax. Started with the 5k+, 5k XR(?-the OLED one), 8k+, 8kx. I also have a 49” Ultrawide monitor, but for racing, it’s only VR and only on a Pimax.

As for software, I’m 99% of the time in iRacing.