Cleaning the 8kx lens

I just got a huge thumbprint on the left lens. How, and what to use to properly clean the lens? I googled and watched a couple of videos, but NO clear and proper cleaning solution type or type of cloth. I know about miracle wipes etc., but which brand, thickness etc do 8kx owneres here do? It’s important that I know exactly what I need to buy that does the job effectively and safely. Thanks for all member resposes. Take care…Eddie.

I just use a soft microfiber with no solution. If it really, really needs something, I’ll spray the cloth with a little bit of windex.

I bought a bottle of special cleaning solution and it comes with a special cloth bought it at unbound vr works perfectly

What special solution and cloth did you buy> Can you post where I can nuy it? Thanks Djspyker…

This is wat I bought :wink: