Cloud profiles unavailable in PE to

Hi there, I’ve just upgraded my PE to but for all my games it seems there is no cloud available for me. It’s is hard to believe for some games like Medal of Honor, The walking dead S&S or Half life Alix…
May be I do not do or activate something essential.
Please, could you help ?


I believe the cloud profiles currently available are ones submitted in part from fellow pimax owners.


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Here you can check whether there are profiles for you.

I have created a lot of profiles for 8KX with RTX3090.
My name is “DEFAULT”

What kind of graphics card do you have?


Thanks a lot my graphic card is a RTX2080


You will only have the profiles available that have had the gpu set for ‘any’ or your rtx2080. So anything that just says “3090” or says “2080Ti”, without the “2080” selection will not show up for your system.
So, to put it bluntly, you can only use the profiles on the first page(and VRChat on the last page): the other profiles are locked to you.
This is still a ‘work in progress’ so I would definitely provide some “feedback”.

Edit: you don’t mention which headset you’re using: if you’re not using the 8kX, then a lot of them are locked that way as well.

Edit2: almost forgot: this is still ‘phase one’. Profile selection options are incoming in ‘phase 2’, but I don’t know if they will address your scenario or not.


a 2080 is way too slow for an 8KX.

even the rtx 3090 is not always sufficient.

In my opinion, 2080 makes no sense at all for an 8KX.

it is way too slow.
you need a new graphics card.


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I know that but first I need money… :pensive:


Thank you, I understand now why there is no profile available for my games with my RTX 2080 and 8KX🤔


While I agree that a 2080 can’t take full advantage of an 8KX, I would hardly say that it makes no sense at all. I have a 1080ti, which I believe is roughly equivalent to a 2080, and while I have to reduce rendering resolution to get playable experiences in some games, I am still getting an experience that is superior to what I got from my Index. The higher native resolution is still very noticeable even with the reduced sampling levels and of course there is still the given benefit of very minimal SDE. I personally can’t see SDE at all on mine but I know others can. This all just means that whenever I am able to get a gpu upgrade, I will be able to see a notable improvement in my 8KX experience. Until then though it is still a very good headset even with the “lowly” 1080ti.

Of course there is also the simple fact that right now trying to get a better gpu is just an exercise in futility unless you want to pay an over-inflated scalper price.


I am delighted to see everyone here helping out with this topic.

I would like to add a little side-note that some of you are already aware of:

When a profile is specific for an hmd and/or gpu, it will be accessible to users with that hardware config.
Remember, it is always up to people who create cloud profiles to make sure they create correct profiles w.r.t hmd and gpu. In other words, when someone is not sure whether a profile config would work properly with a specific set of hardware, it is recommended not to include that hardware in that profile.


Agreed. I remember it was said the 8kX is easier to run than the 8k. And the 8k runs quite decent on a 1080ti. Sure more is better. :smirk:

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With the profiles on GPU. If a user has a higher gpu than the profile can they see the profile to load?

Ie profile with 2080ti and user has a 3080?

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Hey, I have 5k+ and 2080ti. In that page with list of game profiles is beat saber for any, for 5k+ and for 2080ti, but still can’t get it working. I would love to get proper settings for dirt rally2 for my set up, cause its very bad when driving through crowd. In all games online profiles is blank, can’t mark it.


What profiles would you like to play with? -I don’t have Medal of Honor, yet, but I’ve got a lot of others. Maybe pick one or two to get started.


Haven’t played DR2 in ages, but what issue are you having with Beat Saber? Can you get it running at all? It may not be a Pimax issue? I have the impression that Beat Saber is a pretty ‘bullet-proof’ game.

The fact that you’re having issues driving thru the crowd in DR2 would suggest to me that you need to lower a setting: are you running SteamVR over 100% or Pimax over 1? If not, then you probably need to lower the in-game settings. Also, while a 2080Ti works, you still need a decent cpu, what are you running?


Beat Saber is running without any problems. But I just instaled Pimax Experience (even restarted pc) and wanted to try those cloud profiles. Wathed all video of Armin. Cloud profiles doest work in any game.


The profile that I posted for Beat Saber should work for you:

  1. is it available to you?
  2. if it is, what happens when you check the box to use it and then try to play it?

I can’t check it. Its grey and not active. I saw that profile is for “any” and there is a list of HMDs and graphics cards. And 5k+ with 2080ti is in those lists. But that box is grey.


No, it is not possible. There is no relation between the GPU models in PE to indicate one may be higher or lower than another (and will never be).

Please send me your log file, to see what could be going wrong with your PE. Thanks!

Then should late allow people to manually choose profiles from other GPUs as one mighr be a good base to built from.

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