Comfort Kit Availability

Hi everyone!

How is the Pimax Comfort Kit availability? I also see other sellers online selling them, anyone know who has it in stock and ships fastest?

You can get it when you purchase the 5K+ or 5KXR bundle, and you can also get it if you purchase an 8K+ or 8KX on their own. As for a separate purchase, its sold out on the site for now. I don’t personally know of any other retailers offering it.

Hi, it is available on this site but for Europe


and for l’installation video de Ludx :Miam:

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i would need it shipped to the USA

I’m in NY… I got tired of waiting on Pimax to have this comfort kit become available so I did in fact order this kit from Immersive Display several days ago. I got a tracking # for the package but it doesn’t provide me a delivery ETA yet. But let me warn you… the shipping cost was $34!!!

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No sheeet im in NYC myself too. Ok ill try them

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I took my fellow New Yorker’s advice and ordered as well. I saw on the order page something like June 13-18th ETA before i paid.


It’s quite funny (not really in fact) that the kit is available on several other websites (aliexpress being on of them) but not on the official store.

I’m still waiting for it to be available there since I need to buy it there to make use of the coupon I got when I downgraded from 8K to 5K+.

I’m also waiting for them to make Comfort kit compatible facefoam available on the store so that I can make the best use of the coupon amount, but still no news here either.

So far, I’ve been enduring because I’m also waiting for the MAS to be sent, but considering hat happen so far … I’m very doubtful it will be anytime soone that I can enjoy my 5K+ confortably.

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It’s been out of stock for a while on AliExpress as well… yes it’s listed there but if you if you try to purchase it, you’ll get a message that it’s out-of-stock.

I too have the $100 coupon from Pimax but I can’t wait any longer. The pimax is just way too uncomfortable for me and I had thought originally that Pimax was going to send it to backers for free… oh well. With regards to face cushion… I decided to try the Pimax leather face cushion and light blocker from VRmust… … looked interesting. Hopefully they’ll both arrive shortly… FAR FAR shorter than waiting for Pimax to ever have the comfort kit available again I’m sure!!!


Here is a photo of the leather face cushion I got from Vrmust, it’s soft and comfy, much better than the original .


I dont really like the leather ones. It sticks to my face when i get sweaty. Id rather have foam and be able to wash or replace it when needed

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You ain’t lying about that, it definitely sticks, the mask doesn’t slide as much side to side when turning my head like it used to so I’m kinda liking the stick to face style lol.

I’ve never used a leather one, but I can imagine what MikeJeffries is talking about here. Leather doesn’t sound like it would be very breathable.


I don’t know… I use a leather cushion for my Samsung O and O+ and like really like it better than the cloth. Might be a preference thing… it feels cooler to me, easier to clean and more comfortable than cloth.


It is quite amusing that even something as simple as this is so hard to come buy. I ordered one quite a while ago the moment someone reportet it is available on Aliexpress. I just got a tracking update. It will be here in a matter of days but it took a good 6 weeks allready.

We do have 6 pcs of Comfort kit in Stock (!/products/komfort-kit)
Ships from Sweden but we do ship all over the World.

If my math is right, about $15 more than Pimax is charging? Depends on how quickly someone wants them I guess but at least they’re available unlike pimax’s perpetual out of stock status. :grinning:

Exactly why i’d pay more to get it faster… although i already got my order from immersive computing in europe.

And exactly why I paid $15 to pimax for express shipping of basestations. Got them in 11 days, because (at the time) they were in stock.

I also have $200 in coupons from Pimax so I chose to wait for their comfort kit to restock so that my coupons don’t go to waste. I will bundle my purchase at that time with other items that are in stock.