Comfort kit face foam with no cutouts for glasses

I would like to order a comfort kit for my 5K+ but before doing that I would like to know if the foam that ships with it is available without cutouts for glasses. On my narrow face these cutouts allow much light to get inside. In the CES videos some foams without cutouts were shown and I would like to get one of those if at all possible.

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My understanding is that there will be several different face-pads available: 3 different materials to choose from and at least 1 of them will be available in both styles (with/or-without the cutouts for glasses).


I really hope so, but my question is specifically about the pad shipping with the comfort kit. Will I have to make another purchase to get one without the cutouts? I’d rather not have to. This is why I would like an official statement about what can be expected. If the kit doesn’t ship with one now, will it do so shortly?


indeed i want the foam without the cutouts too…

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Then it’s a good thing this subject has been brought up. I assume the “standard” face-pad will be foam with cutouts.

@PimaxQuorra, can you please tell us…

  1. Which face-pad model will “standard”? That is, which model is Pimax is planning to include with the comfort kit “by default”?
  2. Will we be able to select an alternate face-pad (or must we buy alternate face-pads in the Pimax store)?



Would be more practical if they sent foam with out cutouts, Then if a user needs to, you can cut the slots in the foam your self.

That’s true, but I would prefer to have the cutouts. Most of my friends wear glasses, as do I (but not in VR). I’m lucky. I’m short-sighted, so I don’t need glasses in VR.

I have no problem with Pimax making pads available with cutouts on request, but for that to be the default at the expense (due to the worsened experience caused by light leakage) of what I would think is a majority of non-glass wearing customers seems the wrong way around.

BTW, I also wear glasses sometimes for near-nearsightedness, but don’t need them in VR

Hello Neal_white_iii

The Comfort Kit face-pad model will only be in foam with cutouts, this is the only we are producing right now.


Maybe you guys saw other CK on CES2020, those were sample CK we did. Currently we are not planning to put it online, but maybe in future.

Have a nice day.



Hello Asampal,

What you saw on the CES videos was the sample CK we made for CES, and to gather the feedback on these items.

Maybe we should forward your suggestion to our team, whether they are able to do something with the cutouts.

Thank you so much.

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So us people without glasses will get lightbleed on the sides…

Put a extra foam in package for us people without glasses…
I think for the total price off the pimax 8kx is that more then welcome…

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Kevin said there would be foam without cutouts @ CES2020
If the 8KX ships with ComfortKit with cutouts I for one will be really sad as there will be lightbleeds in a $1300+ product.
Ship it without cutouts, and people with glasses can cut the extra foam away them selves :+1:


Please relay this request to the appropriate team, @PimaxQuorra . Foam without cutouts should be somewhat cheaper to manufacture, I would expect, due to 2 less cutting operations needing to be performed. Maybe just a few cents, but why not make the cheaper foam the default, with the possibility to request the cutouts when purchasing?

Hello @PimaxQuorra

Do you think a CK face foam replacement will be put up on the store soon?
There is a “vanilla” face foam replacement, but since I plan on getting the CK, it would make no sense to get that as a spare accessory.

That’s the only thing keeping me from ordering the CK right now, since I plan to use the 8K to 5K+ drowngrade voucher to by these, and don’t want to burn it without using its full value.

Hello Schadows,

Yes indeed. The face foam replacement is one of our plan. We will try to make it online soon.
So don’t worry on this point.

Have a nice day.


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