Comfort kit for backers

Hello, I’m 8KX backer full bundle (not opted out from stretch goals), waiting for delivery.

1). Will I recieve this thing:

Or I need to buy separately?

2). And what it contains? The first is the foam (thick or thin?)
This thin foam:

is separate and not included with comfort kit?
The second is anti-light nose thing.
And what is the third?

I’m also 8K-X backer full bundle with stretch goals.

  1. It’s my understanding we do get a ‘spare’ comfort kit yes, so if you wan’t a spare one, don’t buy another.

  2. With my 8K-X headset I received a thin foam I think (approx 13mm), so was hoping in the ‘backer box’ (stretch goals) we get the thicker one as it’s meant to be better for Eyetracking.

  3. Anti Light nose flap comes with the 8K-X headset you received.

If so, then if you’re in the same boat, you won’t need to buy any face foam.

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same boat, same question … :wink:

Don’t worry, this will all be made very clear in the Backer Rewards page that will show up in your Pimax web store account just a few days after Pimax Now. Their engineers only need very litle time to finish the page and bring it online.

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It says Comfort Kit so I assume it includes all the things from the Comfort Kit listing.
Not sure if the extra foam is the thin one.

Those base station graphics are funny looking though. :stuck_out_tongue:

and the speakers they have shown are the DMAS speakers, not the KDMAS :rofl:

they sure look like the KDMAS speakers to me

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look at the graphics on the content of the backer box and tell me that again :crazy_face:

in the post above mine :slightly_smiling_face:
I just find it funny that they made that mistake

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