Comparing image 8K+ vs 5K+

I own both headsets .
I prefer 8k+ because it has less sde than 5k+ . But comparing images 5k+ is more crisp than the other (8k+ is not blurry at all but it hasn´t got the same “clarity” of 5k+)
I´d like to know if this is because they are using different screens or if it is the scaler or…whatever.
And if anyone knows a trick or something to make the image more clear.


That would be the scaler, it does introduce a blurred like image.
The 5K+ wasn’t expected to be that clear but the pixel layout gave it a bonus edge to lines which helped with clarity a lot. It was a pleasant discovery and back then everyone was recommended the 5K+ precisely for this bonus clarity


Yes I own both too, it is the scaler. However it does give a slightly more real feeling, sometimes screens are too sharp.

The SDE blows the 5k away though and its much easier to discern things at a distance.

I will definitely get an 8KX though.


I will get the 8KX too


When did you placed the 8K+ order and when did you get it ?

I dont have real internet connection yet to release my 8k+ first impressions video (footage recorded a month ago :confused: ) but to me the 8k+ is a gpu killer to get a decent image, same settings as the 8k run good but aliased image.
And clarity is better on the Artisan, also the Artisan SDE is very good so to me, if you have a big GPU wait for the X or get the Artisan .



If I can push my RTX2080TI with my 5K+ on Assetto Corsa with SS to 1.0 Pitool + 150% steam with normal FOV 120HZ and can maintain pretty well the 120 FPS without using smart smoothing , how lower you think I will need to set the SS into steamvr with my 8K+ to be able to maintain 90 or 110 FPS ? If for example, I need to lower steam settings to 100-110% maybe the upgrade won’t worth or meet my expectation… I’m now anxious to regret my thousand dollars expense with your post.


You should be fine. The 8K+ should look better at the same settings as your 5K+ (due to reduced SDE). Given the slower refresh rate (90 or 110), you might even be able to increase your SS (but only a small amount).


Thank you for your review, they are very useful

I think 8KX with limit of 75hz it’s a good choice for fly Simmer.


@Marco Thank you :slight_smile:

@NoFear99 I am sorry I didnt want to make you anxious.
But I am actually “disapointed” about the 8k+.
I was like "it will be like my 8k with better panels, so better image at the same GPU price and looks like I was wrong.
I can indeed run the games exactly the same but the rendering it different on those panels. The 8k have some “natural” anti aliasing and the image is soft to watch when on the 8k+ it doesnt looks as expected, it is shimmering a lot, very aliased.
When raising SS it get very good and no more aliasing or shimmering but…half of the needed fps.
To give you an idea…to get good image it run at 35fps on mostly every games with my 1080TI, so yes recommended GPU is at least 2060, just like it is on the website.
If you have a 2080TI it should be fine :slight_smile:


I’ll have to wait till next week to do my own test and I will make my own review about it to let you know.

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2080TI is only 20-25% more powerful then a 2080 or 1080TI.

35FPS + 25% = 45-50 FPS.

I hope my results are going to be different then yours. Otherwise I won’t be happy to have to wait for a 3080TI - 4080TI !


funny how the 8kx is the lower demand hmd for performance vs image quality.Most people think that going native 8kx would be higher.

but numerous reports are that the 8kx is easier to get a High quality image because you dont need to super sample at all to remove aliasing and you by pass having to upscale a low res image to the 4k screens.

8k+ seems a little like a pointless product…

whats the difference between the 8k and 8k+ agaan?

just the screen not being pentile?


This should NOT surprise you its fact.

Yes let’s hope you will be happy with it :slight_smile:

@drowhunter yes and this is kind of normal to think that and I had trouble believe Swe when he said the X was easier to run that the +. But this is actually true.:+1:

Yes just the screen and I was expecting something really good, the SDE is very very good, there is almost no.
But yes…that is what I say in my incoming review video…get the X or the Artisan but the + is kind of pointless to me…just like some was claiming the 8k was but it was not.


seems like the 8k+ was what the 8k shoukd have been in the first place.

and just as 5k backers were upgraded to 5k+

8k+ should have been an upgrade to 8k.

I would be really mad if I stuck with my 8k now.

resale value plummeted after they announced 8k+


Yeah… it’s a huge bummer. And after only having the 8K for a few months too. :nauseated_face:
Now I’m waiting for my 8KX, so time to sell the 8K asap. It sure as hell won’t go up in value with time.

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Yes I plan to sell mine also as soon as the post here can work again once the lockdown is over :confused:

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For reference: I sold my cracked-case 5k+, together with two Vive basestations, and two Vive wands, for my (…what-I-judged-fair + 500 “haggling pre-emption”…) asking price of 5000kr, quickly and frictionlessly, but I have seen others list 8k/5k series units without any extra bits, for 7000-9000kr - no idea what sort of deals (if any) those have ended up getting, though.

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Actually, I’m not mad. The 8K was better than I expected for a Kickstarter. Yes, it has some cracks, but it’s still quite useable. I won’t sell it; I’ll keep it as a backup (or maybe give it to a friend). I look forward to getting my 8KX.