Competition response to 8KX?

Thank you Pimax for leapfrogging the VR industry! Your efforts are going to be rewarding to all. You are forcing the hand of all in the industry and paving the way for how us enthusiasts see the VR future. We all applaud you on your accomplishments. It will be interesting to see the response of others now that you have forced their hand! Please continue your endeavors, your accomplishments will not go unnoticed. Congrats and THANKS!


A couple of very large, very well funded VR location based entertainment companies stopped by the booth and expressed heavy interest in swtiching to Pimax. If that were to happen then it would absolutely force the hands of the big headset makers.


Yes, indeed. CES 2020 appears to be a success milestone for Pimax. They really have stepped up their game, apparently!


It was not just the 8kX impressing. The comfort of the MAS was a hit too. It finally looked like a complete product (well only headset) and not a prototype. People very experienced in the industry were impressed by the leap from last year. Even got a pic if this guy who seems to know VR.