Compulsive smooth 1/2 & 1/3

Hello !

Can someone clearly explain this new feature please ?

I mean :

  • What it does ?
  • How it works ?
  • Does it works with all games?
  • Pros ?
  • Cons ?
  • How to check if it’s working or not ?

I tried the feature but I don’t see it improving smoothness, i see no difference at all in fact (on rFactor 2 with Artisan FW273/PiTool272).

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Just another frame limiter, you could also use on the Nvidia control panel; if you have the @90hz and 1/3, it will lock your FPS to 30.


Do you mean setting for example compulsive smooth to 1/3 with 90Hz with PiTool, or, cap frame rates to 30fps in game or in GPU drivers (I have AMD GPU) do exactly the same ?


Not at all the same as the NV control panel.

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Hi @PimaxUSA ! Can you give us more details maybe ?

Because when I tried 90hz with 1/2 compulsive smooth, my game was still reporting more than 45fps.

Smart smoothing was off as well.

So i guess I’m not using it properly so any information are welcome!


It is a frame limiter to force smart smoothing. So if your normally having spikes causing Smart Smoothing to kick in and off it makes it more stable.

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Then I’m even more confused :thinking:.

As I’ve seen @PimaxUSA saying on Reddit that this feature can be used with or without smart smoothing.

in that case it is also used as a frame limiter as some find frame rate instability distracting, but also do not like the artifacts sometimes created by Smart Smoothing.


Alright, then it doesn’t seem different from any other frame limiter ?

But @PimaxUSA was saying it’s different.

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If this is not a frame limiter, what is it? It isn’t really like Nvidia Inspector for sure.


Look here, I tried to understand compulsive smooth too:

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idk what it is but now i can play fallout 4 at 45 fps with motion smoothing and it feels much smoother with also 100 mods and high res and CAS,it works better than actually caping it in nvidia control panel.

Alright, sounds great.

For me as smart smoothing never gave me good results (lots of artifacts) I wanted to try again with compulsive smooth enabled.

But unfortunately I don’t see my frame rate being capped so…

Does it works with all games?

Since every time I’ve tried to start a thread the forums deny me the ability to do so, I’ve been posting in the related PiTool threads about the Smart Smoothing issues that began with v272 (I think). As soon as Pimax added the 1/3 option I’ve been unable to tolerate smart smoothing at all because it will automatically throttle all the way down to 1/3 when it’s completely unnecessary to do so. The 1/3 option looks awful and causes a lot of obvious stuttering on movement. It’s useless. It’s worse that useless, because the moment you turn on Smart Smoothing at all you end up with PiTool thinking you need 1/3 rate in many places where 1/2 should be working just fine.

I’ve had to reconfigure every darn game where I used Smart Smoothing to lower resolutions so I can turn Smart Smoothing off altogether. In many cases this means I’ve had to resort to using 60hz refresh on the HMD where I use to use 90/45fps with Smart Smoothing.

To be succinct; The 1/3 option is unusably bad - I will NEVER configure a game to run poorly enough to need it. It being there makes Smart Smoothing completely unusable to me. Pimax, you NEED to fix this, ASAP. Either just remove it (it’s so bad why did you bother enabling it in the first place?) or tell us how to use Smart Smoothing at 1/2 without ever switching to 1/3.


Thanks. By the way, I’m still wondering how people can be satisfied with smartsmoothing as for me I can’t use it.

I would really try someone’s headset from someone saying smartsmoothing is good to find out if it’s just me or if smartsmoothing is not working for me.

Because as it is, it is so much artefacts, I even prefer lock to 60fps rather than 45fps doubled by smartsmoothing…

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