Confirmation of 5k+ pre-orders getting a KDMAS (originally DAS)?

@PimaxUSA you were going to get back to me/us but never did and it’s been quiet since.

5k+ preorders back at launch were rewarded with a free DAS ( at the time) for taking the plunge early.

Can you please confirm this so many of us can get be assured? also, are there any steps to claim this or will they automatically go out once the production is there?

Can you PM me your receipt that shows the free mas?

It was announced on the forum after the pre orders taken as a retro bonus. You were going to check on that exact point internally.

I couldn’t find any reference to it so that was why I was hoping you could show your receipt or an email that says you get a free MAS.

If i remember correctly, it was a free DAS and 2 pieces of software.

I created a support ticket a few days ago asking the same question. Not heard anything back.

Unless somebody has a screen shot of the webpage from October/November 2018 i think we could be screwed.

Really hoping Pimax will honour this…

The 2 pieces of software are trash from 2017 so don’t fret, didn’t miss anything there. Was this a preorder or kickstarter backing because that makes a difference?

Yep, not worried about the software but would like the head strap that was promised. I was a pre order customer.

I pre order
I open a ticket because we have no news

Pimax said Everyone who pre-ordered a Pimax before Nov 24 2018 will get a free Deluxe Headstrap with Earphones

What makes me angry is that they have erased the traces of their promises on the forum

It’s Pimax so unscrupulous behavior is par for course.