Confirmed features/updates awaiting reply after CNY

Confirmed Features in development

  • Brainwarp 2.0
  • Dynamic Distortion Correction in Pitool
  • Dynamic Foveated Rendering in Pitool
  • New Distortion algorithms in the next Pitool

Confirmed updates to be given

  • Update on solution for index controller compatibility issues resulting in loss of tracking
  • Update on 4m and 5m extension cable solutions
  • Update on cable warranty - white noise pixel cable is confirmed to be eligible for free replacement but the length of warranty for “wear and tear” related cable damages is still unclear.
  • Update on whether Artisan lighthouse bundle offers comfort kit and headphones like the Nolo bundle
  • Update on solution for comfort kit and cooling fan compatibility
  • Update on automatic pitool settings and custom settings profiles
  • Update on whether you can pay for shipping with store coupons
  • Update on wireless
  • Update on new controllers
  • Update on accessories shipping status

If there are any other confirmed updates which we’re still waiting for feel free to add it here in this thread.



I’m sure you can provide links to those confirmations?


Here are the links to confirm

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Mods, why were all the above posts flagged when the above flagged posts contain sources, which were asked for, and which clearly confirm that there are updates due for these issues?

Edit: Even @PimaxQuorra’s posts are being flagged as spam which I linked to? Someone’s abusing the flag system on the forums flagging posts as spam which aren’t spam.

"This new user tried to create multiple posts with links to the same domain ( "

Thats why. Let’s settle that we don’t need those links.


Let’s not generalise… Some of the postings are correct, but some are not :slight_smile:
@Mantidtings do have alot of long posts but not all are unconstructive or bad, some I actually agree with :smiley: so the both of you @Mantidtings @TrevorVR that to heart please.


Seems like some reconfiguration of the Forum is needed (maybe it doesn’t “know” it’s base URL and then treats it as external).



@Mantidtings, fixed.
Be nice.


Thanks @TrevorVR, some of the flagged posts linked to above are from official Pimax representatives? they should also be unflagged. I uploaded all of the posts into an imgur album with each screenshot labelled, so people can check that out at this link below.

Which ones were incorrect @MrAhlefeld ? I double checked to make sure every single item labelled “confimed” was actually a confirmation, and items listed under “update” the post linked to indicated an update on the issue was coming, or otherwise is direly needed.

Restored (hopefully) all posts


The one regarding 4 & 5meter extension cable.
I’ve replied to you in the correct post, where you asked @SweViver to test them. (but it’s still flagged @TrevorVR) that’s why I can’t link to it directly

@Mantidtings remember that nothing is official unless it’s announced here:


exactly TrevorVR, it’s nice to do a “sum up” but let’s not call it official unless it is :smiley:


@Mantidtings You should consider making your OP (or a post similar to it) a Wiki post so you can have a single place to contain and track these things. Something to consider.

Does anyone know what the time frame is for the release of a new pitool?

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