Controller emulation?

Apologies for posting in this section - for some reason I am unable to start a new topic in the “games and software” section.

I got my 8KX the other day, and the base station and controller bundle was not in it. Pimax have assured me that it will be sent separately soon.

Anyway, it seems that many VR apps and games (eg YouTube VR) expect input from controllers. Does anyone know if it is possible to emulate controllers with a mouse?

That would be hard because a mouse can’t do front and back.
If the game requires you to use your wands to press a virtual button then you’re out of luck.

The laser pointing might be substituted for a mouse but that needs to be implemented in the game I reckon


Yes, I get that it probably wouldn’t be possible in a game, but when one is just pressing buttons in a UI… Oh well, thanks anyway.


It’s awkward to emulate a 3/6dof controller with a mouse or a gamepad even for simple things but I’ve tried the free trial of driver4vr. Driver4VR can use other input devices for emulation but I haven’t got any experience with them. Buying used Vive BS&controllers or a set is the better option.

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When I had a Pimax 4K it had no room scale and no controllers.

I used Driver4VR succesfully with a Kinect, Leap Motion and cheap bluetooth controllers.

It wasn’t smooth but I could do everything and all together it was a cheap solution.

Having said that, buy a basestation and controllers because all this tinkering really isn’t worth it in the end.


Driver4vr has added mouse and more.


“Soon”, haha.
We Kickstarter backers have been waiting for our base stations and controller for years. :stuck_out_tongue:

On this topic though, I honestly dislike that there are some games and applications that don’t allow for alternative controls like with a gamepad, even when those interactions don’t require some kind of hand motion.

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I haven’t tried it myself but I was told you can emulate it with the hand tracking module.

Yes you can do that since first Leap motion release. I am sure it has been more refined since then.

@jonnypanic with the pimax 4k used leap with a and Bluetooth vr controller to emulate vive wands. He used the controller as gestures were not that accurate to use it.

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