[Controller progress] Let us know your thoughts!


Is trackpad/joystic suppose to be fully clicked down in some cases? (1+2+3+4) 7 found it, my fault)
I like that pie trackpad btw

Your missing two buttons. (Inner and Outer Face Buttons)

I also think it’s important to have the three finger cap sense (middle, ring, and pinky)


The controller not show the cap sense.

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More Buttons.
I hope same as PS or XBox Controller.
In the near future, some games are converted from PS, like Skyrim, Acecombat.
These games needs more buttons.

At least same as Oculus touch’s A, B, X and Y.
Many VR games target it.


@PimaxVR, a grip button? It’s the worst thing that the wand controller of the Vive has.
Then we can not even catch or throw by opening or closing the hand, I suppose. Has any cap sense?
This has nothing of knuckles by far.


The steamvr knuckles also have cap sense on the trigger. All fingers are tracked.


Yeah I believe the cap sense was in place to replace the vives grip button so you could physically grab the controller when you want to pick something up in game.


Without 3 cap sense fields this controllers will not be a knuckles. It will be just an useless investment.


@Matthew.Xu @PimaxVR

Buttons 5 and 6 cannot be system and Menu buttons.
They need to be A and B on the right controller and X and Y on the left controller like the Oculus Touch and we need a separate system button on each controller in a different location for the system or menu button.

It needs at least as many buttons as the Kunckle controllers.

Also did you forget to show the capsense for the Pinky and Ring fingers?

Also can we have capsense for middle finger as well to make gripping in games just like it is on Knuckles?


@Matthew.Xu, @PimaxVR:
I thought (and I think a lot of other people did too) that these controllers were going to be your own version of the valve knuckles controllers, maybe with joysticks. Now, they look like wands camouflaged like fake, toy knuckles, with a grip button (the worst thing of the Wands controllers) instead of any cap sense.
Just make your own version of the Valve knuckles, please.


I share the concerns of others on this thread that these controllers aren’t actually going to be alternatives to the knuckles, that they will in fact be a remodeled wand. Please piMax there’s no point in reshaping the wand controller, everyone who’s used the Oculus touch controller has said it’s far superior to the wand and those same people who have also used the knuckles have said the knuckles is yet another step forward because of its ability to sense the position of each finger. A grip button is fine (more buttons can mean more flexibility in future titles) as long as everything is still tracked with the capacitive capability that the knuckles has. Please make your controller have exact parity to the knuckles so that we can be sure it will work with all the future games based around the knuckles reference design.


If it doesn’t have capsense and at least as any buttons as the Knuckles, I would honestly prefer to change my full package to a Headset only and I will buy Valve Knuckles when they come out.

Is there any reason for a grip button instead of middle finger capsense?

Also we need the controller buttons to be capacitive as well like the Oculus Touch and the Knuckles.


let us know your thoughts? @Matthew.Xu @PimaxVR

my thought as that of many sponsors is that they ask for our opinion, and then do what they want.

They promise us knuckle controllers and each time it looks more like those of barite with a lateral support.

fulfill their promises and develop a command with finger detention, etc … like the control controllers htc controllers.


I would expect, if the trackpad is able to track the fingers for X and Y axis emulation of the thumbstick, it should be able to detect the touches anywhere and should not need hardwired zones 1-4. The application should be able to program touch zones as needed.

Or are these zones supposed to substitute for hard buttons and the controller will advertise them as the buttons to the system?

I hope the controller will have the ring finger cap sense and the pinky finger cap sense. I dont mind that the controller be a little diferente of the knuckles (if I wanted the kuckles i had not have picked the controllers from pimax) but at least keep the promises.


Pimax 8K is often referred to as the next step in VR development. It would seem that any controllers offered to accompany it should be at least as good as what is available today. The Touch controllers abilities in VR should be your inspiration. It was Vive controllers that illustrated that the VR experience is less if you can’t use your hands. Oculus came in late to the party, but set a new benchmark for hand (and finger) control.
Something maybe worth mentioning. The way Touch is designed and it light weight make it easier to float in your grip a little while playing. This has been of great benefit because everyone’s hand span is different in length, so the distance between the various buttons and triggers isn’t the same for everybody. Because of the way Touch can be shifted slightly in position “on the fly” the reaching of all the controls is less problematic to the masses regardless of hand size.

As long as the controller emulates the inputs of a knuckles i dont mind what is added on top. I only care that steam recognises it as a knuckles so that each game does not require some kind of custom profile to get it working.

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I hope this is very early in the design. You don’t show capacitive touch for the fingers and you don’t offer enough buttons for controller parity. Please add at least 2 buttons.

Your supporters are hoping for something on par with valve’s knuckle controllers… these just look like the current vive wands with an extra handle.

Would we be able to refund the amount we pledged for controllers once we see the final design?


Just clone the knuckles and add over it, that’s what I thought I paid for.