Controller update

Hi all,

its been a while but is there any update for the pimax controllers? Do we have any estimated shipping dates?



Good question. Looks like everebody just forget about them.

Yeah it sure has been a while since June 11. I’m curious as well like how its been progressing with them and when to expect them to be avilable to purchase.

As well if any info for the progression for the Sword Sense Version (Thumbstick)

So I’m still waiting on my kickstarter backer controllers. Its been so long I dont recall which ones they are supposed to be!

I remember hearing a design being finalised earlier in the year but lost track of what was happening.

Hopefully someone would be able to clear this up for us?


Sword has touchpads Sense has ministicks and finger tracking. You don’t remember what you chose?

2 months ago they were allegedly testing mass production of Sword. Sense is only sometime after that but haven’t read that the design is even final.

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Many of us just moved on in the last year or two, with Index controllers.

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Well, by time they even care to launch them instead of making new headsets.

we will prob get a new headset with better controllers from another company…

index controllers are a failure for quality control and is overpriced.
after 4 replacements i had enough…

my hope was on pimax releasing their sword sense controllers soon(stuck with poor quality index or crappy touch pads vive wands).

instead they’re working on Sword(i hate touchpads), and when they do get to sword sense.
like i mentioned above, it might be too late and a overall better headset will hit the market at this rate.

We need updates… i want hope that we can have good controllers for once…

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Next update contains a lot of detail so keep an eye out for it. Should occur quite soon.


I see the update posted today. I was surprised to see individual finger tracking (IFT) on Sword. I thought that was just for Sense. Waste of money. Even Index should make a version without it at lower cost. There aren’t any games that use it beyond seeing your finger move and accuracy will only be for certain hand size. My big mitts certainly don’t track precisely.

Even Sense should drop the IFT. Then you would have 2 controllers at a much better price point and fill the need for a reasonably priced Lighthouse controllers. Especially, the more popular ministick version.

Now if there is a secret must have game that is coming that will make everyone rush out to get the feature, I could see this but I doubt it.
ALYX is a killer app and even that uses only a visual effect. Kind of like a racing sim adding trees swaying in the breeze. Cute effect in the pits but at 200 mph who is looking at the trees move even if you could detect the movement at that speed?

dont think capacitive sensors cost so much in mass production ыscale. I quite enjoy index FT despite its a bit finnicky, it adds to immersion, allows to use it for shooters to let other players know how much enemies you spot siliently. If things wont becomeы available no wide support also be the case. Eye tracking was dropped by htc and only few hmds capable of it in buseness segment. Finger tracking isnt a bad thing, but implementation should be improved in social apps like vrchat full fingers tracking is very awesome

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Of course it’s not a bad thing if you find it of use and value. You obviously do and you now apparently will have 3 choices for the feature.
We had no choices for a controller with stick without IFT and now the t-pad fans don’t either.

I can’t speak to how many sensors would be saved without IFT or the cost savings beyond looking at the price of ICs vs Touch controllers. Come out with Touch for Lighthouse and i buy them tomorrow even though i own ICs.

If there sticking with there word Sword Sense(stick) is supposed to be Backer Pledge Reward.

Though that was back when Trackpads were Nonsense. Now that they have gone back to original plan if there still making Stick Controller with Sense

Then as @dogbite said it should be the version you chose. If like some you backed both you should receive both. A set of each.

I still think kind of like you that they should maybe release both versions in a cheaper design for those whom want a cheaper entry controller.

You can likely control how much you use ift or not. Could be simply used as a capsense button if one wants maybe… The strength of this will be the software. Hopefully done well with good planing and features. Maybe akin to the steamcontroller.

If the controller didn’t have the feature, I wouldn’t have to turn it off :grinning:

It’s about the added expense when you don’t need it. It would be like NVidia only making 3090s when all you wanted to run is Office.

There are alot of features in cpus and gpus not needed by all. Save cpus and gpus don’t give a lot of options to disable unneeded features dependent on particular use.

Some ppl don’t like changing control layout and argue it is a useless feature. :smirk:

Now for ppl wanting to save maybe $50 a pure nonsense or limited capsense could be the way togo.


I hated when I couldn’t find the mobo I wanted with just 1 gpu slot.

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Itx. :laughing:

Truth we rarely get things completely how we prefer. RT for example is quite nice but some might prefer the ability to shut them off or covert to cuda cores. But we know unless something has changed RT cores are only for Ray Tracing.

no stick for controler ? why ? weird

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Anybody else read the update as indication that Pimax, without being upfront with it, have simply dropped the Sword Sense version? They added the finger tracking to the Sword version, and also seem to suggest that ALL backers of controllers will be receiving this Sword version. And no mention whatsoever of the Sword Sense version. So it would mean we would not be getting a controller with thumbsticks, as most gamers prefer, but only with the (for games) pretty useless thumbpad…

Can Pimax please comment?