Controllers for Australians

i brought the pimax 5k+ of amazon, under the impression i could buy the sword or valve knuckles controllers later on. however it evident now now neither will be coming to Australia any time soon, if at all.

my question is, is their anyway for Australians to buy controllers via pimax? and why sell the headsets to Australians if we have no way getting controllers with out selling both kidneys and our souls, or forward shipping in such a risky and complex way that we may as well smuggle some black tar H instead.

I asked the same question when I purchased my 8K Plus in June, Pimax said that unless you buy them in a bundle from Pimax directly, there is no way to get Knuckles controllers or Base Station 2’s from Pimax.

At the time they had sold out of Bundles and there was no eta on when they would have them in stock again, so I ordered under the false assumption that I’d be able to add them later too…