Cooling Fan for Comfort Kit

After a while, the face gets pretty warm while wearing a Pimax with two big displays and comfort face foam. I’ve been searching the forums and came across a thread by owners which have ways of making your own fan assembley using a 3d printer and fan.


I’m wondering, can a 25mm fan with a USB connector which can be plugged into the PC be used?

Also is it possible for a on/off switch be attached to turn the fan on and off?

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A usb powered fan can work. If it has a power switch it is fine or you could indeed hack one one in or use a switchable usb cable.

I have been using Lipo batteries since I designed it as they last a very long time and you also want to make sure you do not exceed 5 volts with that fan. I also use them for counter weight but you can use a Powered USB with a switch (or put a Pot on it?).


I’m thinking of going down the 25mm Fan with USB route.

Question is I can’t hardly find any with a USB which will ship to Australia. Maybe I’m looking the wrong ways.

So, what about connecting a fan with 2 wires to a USB cable? I had a lightning cable lying around and cut the end off. I took a photo of the wires.

Will this work if I joined the wires from the cable to the 2 wires on the fan and which wires do I need to connect?

Should I try a different USB cable or buy one of these to attach to the fan?

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You Can can use that if you use a voltmeter using the continuity setting to find out which two wires have ground and 5 volt DC power and Just cut back or cap off the extra wires. The fan draws very little current but you do need to get the polarity right with no direct shorts. The two wire USB would be easier if you have an old one laying around. Then solder the power to power and the ground to ground with heat shrink on the cable.

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I would need to find my sound amp project. But if mem serves it was Red and Black for power. I cut a usb cable from the Dollar store and used a google on wiring spec.

I bought these items. Wasn’t quite sure about the lightning wires.


Which of the 3d parts do I need to print out for the 25mm fan?
I have the standard Pimax MAS that comes with the 8K X.

The Peg you could use either Flat or the one I have circled. The one I circled I like because of the side pegs to help hold it in place.

I just used it last night - it is just enough to feel a little breeze on the inside . . . Good Luck

Pimax 8KX Snorkel Fan on Vimeo


Thinking of implementing the below pictured switch. Where can I find this switch from, preferably in Australia?
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What are the dimensions of it?

I bought this one:

But there are a lot of such micro switches, also 2-way (off / on), dimensions can be taken from the printed part to find the right one.

I made the hole for the switch with a file and glued the switch in …


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Mine is finished now to but I just bought a usb c cable with a 5v power plug cut it off an soldered that end to the fan and then I use a one meter long usb c extension cable and connect it to a small power bank with an on and off switch that I just put in my pocket works great and the comfort is nice just getting a bit of airflow in there really nice mod and thanks for sharing :ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2:


I made my own 18650 pack (3d printed case) and made it part of the home made counter balance weights with a push button switch on the back wired to a 5 volt BEC from my Drone days.


Nice it’s a great mod but I’m thinking about putting a 2 ohm … I don’t know the name in English but then it will make the fan spin not to hard cause it can make some noise when going at full power

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Resistor? :wink: Maybe even variable?


Potentiometer for variable resistors like volume controls.


Ah yes. Actually it’s also called potentiometer in Danish… :wink:


I actually got 2 resistors and I soldered these on to the cable but now it makes less noise so that’s great but I think maybe I should get another fan cause if I turn my head fast the fan makes a lot of noise probably cause it’s rotating fast and when it moves fast there is additional force that creates tension on the fan so I definitely need something more stable and rigid any ideas for a good brand and maybe a specific fan that is really good? I use the 25 mm one

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@Sidekick1 The 25mm Fan doesn’t go inside ? It’s just taped to the snorkel?

@UweP The Switch inside the snorkel doesn’t interfere with airflow?

The Switch inside the snorkel doesn’t interfere with airflow?

I have no problems with this, yes it is in the airflow.
But everyone has to decide for themselves how he wants to implement it.

The 25mm Fan doesn’t go inside ? It’s just taped to the snorkel?

The fan does not sit in this part, it is placed in front of it.
That’s why I created a hood for myself.

Then glued the parts and painted everything.

The whole thing is not a roundless carefree pack, because you have to be creative yourself.