Coronaviruses outbreak

Will the 8KX scheduled delivery delay due to the outbreak of Corona viruses in China?

Pimax and its associated manufacturing is in Shanghai, which is not one of the cities that article has listed as on lockdown. Additionally, my understanding is that they’re only limiting human travel between these cities and abroad. Hence shipment of parts or units shouldn’t be impacted.

Of course, the situation could change, but my bets are on that this will have no perceptible impact on Pimax operations unless the situation in China drastically starts to devolve.

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good to see where your priorities lie. i kid…:upside_down_face:

Family>Pimax8KX>Rest of the world happenings. :pray:

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I wish for all people over there to keep safe… be careful guys… :roll_eyes:

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I just read there’s two possible cases of the corona virus in here. Two Chinese tourists :sleepy: