Creating a Pimax-DAS Adapter

Finally got my pimax a few hours ago, so I will be addressing a few feedback Ive received from a few threads

  • The Hinges too long, even if shortened to DAS Extremes:
  • The Hinges are have a bit too tight tolerance tight for the rods.

Solution: Use the existing hinges that come with the pimax to move the mount point forward around the rods instead. This also lessens the hassle of dismounting the ones that come with the pimax already (plus I am lazy to dettach them after I noticed they are on it.

  • The Top Adapter causing the head set to be pulled up causing more light to be shining below, if the strap point is put towards the head. This seems to be a consistant issue between DrCubes and my Buckle adapters.

Solution move the buckle to top instead.

Now I know @DrCube also has a design, i really like the buckle stuff, but alternatives should be explored further.

Thank you for your efforts. I have a 3D printer at home and will try your design when home.

For now I use the Velcro method and it works for me.

The top hinge imho is not needed. Just scissor 2mm left and right of the top velcro of the DAS off to pull it through the pimax-top-opening easily.

To make it fit small heads the round connection part must be as far to the front of the headset as possible.

Repeating my self, I want to make it as non-destructive to the original DAS as possible. which is why i am not a fan of the Velcro one either due to glue.

No glue and not really destructive. Use your hinges for the sides but on top just pull the DAS Velcro through.

Cutting the DAS top strap is destructive to get it to fit into the Pimax Hole. Adding velcro to the side of teh DAS is gluing stuff onto the DAS.

Same thing with removing and modifying the buckle from the Vive or cutting up the pimax headgear to get a velcro strap to use.

Alternatively you can use an external strap similar to the DAS, but using ones own strap, but in general, I am trying to make it into a print that you can use as a replacement. I am not stopping you from doing so, Im designing this as something one can use as an alternative from gluing or cutting things up

Basically what I want to do is to keep the DAS as something you can return for warranty, if you forexample buy a brand new DAS from HTC for the Pimax. If you start cutting things up or gluing things on it, you void the warranty for it as its provable as not as its intended purpose. thats 90 bucks down the drain if you happen to have a speaker failure sometime during its use during warranty.

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Got you. I did cut only the topmost 2mm of the Velcro so i am pretty certain that nobody would see it. But of course, if you want to be on the safe side, then it is better not to alter it.

I am pretty sure you can fiddle the top Velcro trough without cutting, just bending the sides a little to get it through.

Peace :v:

I just noticed before starting to fool around getting my pimax setup (and unfortunately having major issues) that it comes with a handy little velcro for tying up the cables, that happens to fit nicely into the top part…

Will be creating an adapter for that and the DAS Buckle. that should absolutely do the trick, instead of trying to figure out a robust print that is easy to remove as well. :slight_smile:

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Yes, that velcro was such an odd considering they could of just been fine with something even simpler, but fantastic addition xD

Ok, I got really heavilly distracted just trying to get my Pimax to work before getting t he finishing touches on the Adapter done. The New Version is now up on Thingiverse.

  • Shortened Distance as much as possible for the side hinges, Tried various alternatives to push it toward the sides of the headset, but that caused major issues.
    • The New design however handles a ton more pulling force, and does not accidentally disconnect. Also correctly fits without having to use a file. It still is build in multiple parts though for the best amount of structural strength.
    • Its now quite a bit shorter, However, some heads may require extra cushioning still.
    • Much easier to insert due to a lil lip on the side now. however please note that it maybe a bit tricky to get them out once they are in.

  • Changed the top adapter to a very simple version of a buckle, that allow syou to use the cable tie that comes with the pimax for the top part of the headset.


Added the link to the update, but its also at the top in the OP

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Nice work, I wonder if we can make an adapter piece that simply allow the top strap to connect directly or super close to the opening on the top of the pimax.

No need for the top part. I did just pull the top strap through.

Edit: imho no need for v2 for me. V1 works perfectly!

I think that is ideal, less weight, less things to print and gets it all closer to fit smaller heads.

Hi Thanks for your hard work, but if I may suggest something. It would be nice to have the complet design files. I know it’s always annoying to see some people make money on your own efforts but I think it would be helpfull to the Pimax community. On the last pimax 5K+ version the original hinges are really tricky to remove without breaking them I would prefer a design that fit in the slut of the original hinges. I’ve just heck and I think we have the clearance. I see a shoe style design inserting on the original hinges and locking in the slut we could gain a few cm of forward adjustment using the idea.

I need it tomorrow will have to redesign this part from scratch :wink:

Here is the idea, hooks for clipping on the hinge are not done, will print and try this before. You surely had many trial and error before getting the clipping part right

Can somebody direct me to the latest tread about this?

@Pimel, here you go:

You can scroll down for an alternative design and some hands-on reviews from other users.


perhaps some one could customize this one …

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really creative stuff here but I guess I am alone. Id rather not have a lot of additional stuff on my head. some wired over the ear workout type earphones seem fine and light to me. Like these Sennheiser OCX 686G Sports Ear-Canal Ear Hook Headset

Actually the sound of quality that you get from Vive Deluxe Audio Strap is not bad at all and the strap itself is very comfortable for long gaming session. The strap that comes with the Pimax 5K+ is of poor quality and slides easily leading to numerous pauses during gaming to adjust the headset. At least that is what I experienced.