Crowdsourcing the progress of the "free content" delivery

As a backer in the high 4ks, I was starting to wonder how far along the Steam code deliveries were for the “3 pieces of free content”. So if you’ve received the Steam codes, would you mind posting your backer #? You can drop the last digit if you want anonymity. But I figure we can get an idea of how many codes are left to copy-and-paste by how many they’ve sent so far this year.


Backer 2x: Jan 7th Did anyone receive their code for the 2 of the 3 software as backer?
Backer 6x: Jan 16th (at least a week before 23rd) Did anyone receive their code for the 2 of the 3 software as backer?

This works out to ~3-15 sets of codes/day.
Using the 15/day value:
Backer 1000: ~March
Backer 2000: ~May
Backer 3000: ~July
Backer 4000: ~Sept
Backer 5000: ~Nov
Backer 6000: ~Jan '21

More data points = more accuracy!

Just got them today.
Backer 3xx: 2020-02-25

Hmm, that’s a little slower than my forecasted pace… ty for the data!

Edit: heard Backer x got theirs Jan 7th as well, so at least ~20ish the first day or two. Then they must have slowed down.

If I subtract 21 days for CNY from the 3xx receipt, the slope of a linear fit is ~10 codes/day. So slower than my original estimate.

Im a backer in the 46xx range.

As far as i know ive not received any content codes, what is the email subject line so i can do a more exact search?

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The topic would be “New message about Pimax: The World’s First 8K VR Headset”

Perhaps I’m just naive, but…

foreach backer in backers {
sendMailTo(backer, getNextKeys())


I’ve assumed the current process is linear, but it may be O(n^n).

I’m backer 25XX, haven’t seen any emails with codes, did a quick search today. What was the subject line in the emails?

If you’re mid-2500s, then it looks like you should get yours in June. Unless they start sending them more regularly.

My suspicion is they aren’t doing anything at all, despite not being able to work in the office/factory. This would be ideal work-from-home material.


2300’s here. Radio silence.

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Backer early 200s: 2020-02-25
It is a kickstarter message which is sent to mail also for those curious.

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Backer ~5XX got codes today