Custom device (arduino based) for decoupling

Hi guys, i have a few questions please.
1st, because for the past few years I have been into conceptualizing and put in practice some ideas for locomotion and hand controller, I have not been left with much free time for playing. Said that, my questions will definetly sound stupid for most of you.

I have been looking into achieving decoupling using arduino based hardware. I think we achieved decoupling but a few things puzzles me because of my lack of vr gaming.

We have been testing the decoupling feature in a game as fallout vr.

  1. is there any game that would make more sense testing decoupling on?

  2. with falloutvr, i am confused what is directing the direction of locomotion in regular conditions

  3. is it common in every game that moving the joystick of the vr controller up , it does not always results in moving the avatar up/toward the same direction in game?

  4. with our custom device, we can rotate the custom device and based on the angle this custom device forms compared to where the headset is pointing, the avatar locomotion is directed to where the custom device (worn at the hip) is pointing .
    The joystick movement though like in a game as fallout vr is very confusing , because I experience what I explained in point 3)

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks

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Marco I see there is no response to your question and there is no stupid question except the one not asked. I envy your efforts in your projects I’ve seen you working on now
and in the past. I’m a bit baffled by your question not knowing what you mean by decoupling (I guess it means non controller based) but not knowing more or understanding your project its hard to contribute properly. You may have better response by the community if you could clarify or ask the same thing in another way maybe a list of simple questions to respond to. All games offer various locomotion approaches making your project very difficult to implement in a variety of games. Until there is a VR “standard” of control developers will do as they see fit for there project. And as far as I can see you may never have a way to implement it across the board… I wish you the best in your endeavors, you have contributed a tremendous amount of effort and demonstrated a vast knowledge that is far more reaching then a simple vr gamer or even beyond the realm of lots of vr enthusiasts. I feel your project would work best with a group of developers designing a game (its a shame your not working at Valve). If my UE project was not a unworkable mess I would be very interested in collaborating with you on implementing your design into it. Sorry to ramble but if you could make it work in HLA I would love to try it in your 8KX! Best regards and keep up efforts from what I see you will definitely impact the future of VR…

Hi. Thank you so much!

We have have made an arduino based device that works same as decamove.

But i have no much experience about using decoupling in game so I wanted some feedback from who plays more than me :wink:

Overall works. We have to just look into a few features.

Hopefuly at some point will be able to finish this whole project and share the whole thing.

I also received the decamove device but didn’t get the chance to use it at all