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Guys need help funding their stretch goals, 80k euro for both. @SweViver is your review coming anytime soon?

Stand up for Cybershoes!
Posted by Cybershoes (Creator)
We need your support for the final spurt on Kickstarter!

A lot of you have been following us for a long time or have tried Cybershoes on E3, Gamescom or Tokyo Game Show. By the way - since Tokyo Game Show, Cybershoes are even better now: the shoes detect the walking direction, you can freely look around while running in one direction.

Locomotion is a problem within VR that’s not really solved yet. Last but not least - this problem is holding back certain game experiences to appear on the market. Cyberspace is bigger than our living rooms, it is unlimited! Thank you for being on this venture together with us!

Please spread the word about Cybershoes. Comment on Youtube, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter… Especially those who’ve tried the Cybershoes.

Of course, it is OK to stand in VR. But when it comes to treadmills, the reality is: costs explode and you need a harness. As for perception: nothing much changes other than you need more power to move.

In case you missed it, here’s a great review by Ben Plays VR. Please give some comments or likes. To thank Ben for taking his time.

With your help, the first series of 1000 is funded. Wow! So that’s not the issue. But for Cybershoes to become a solid product recognized by the industry a strong Kickstarter is very essential. Meaning:

  • more game developers jump on the shoes (we already have a lot of requests)
  • we can ask for native support by Steam, Oculus and beyond that.

You’ve understood what immersion does to your body when you are in full motion. And probably you are gamers who like to be more active while playing games. That’s so great!

Stretch Goal Z-scaling:
This is an important feature that became defunct with the last SteamVR updates. Basically, it lets you calibrate your eye-height on the fly and also allows you to duck and to pick up things from the ground. It’s not noticeable and does not induce motion sickness. Image it like a little helper to reach the ground. You lean down and it’s just more easy to reach the ground.

We are very confident to reach this goal. Kickstarter veterans know that most pledges are done in the first and the last days. This is the reason why we need your help now.

Technically, we’ve almost cracked the nut - meaning we have got a very deep understanding of OpenVR mechanics now. One reason that holds us back is that Steam / HTC are currently developing great new hand-controllers. They will give you control over your fingers. The functionality is already implemented. But the controller isn’t yet on the market and we cannot see what it actually does.

Please stand up together with us. Please spread the word! Especially those of you who have tried the Cybershoes, please be proactive on reddit or share on Facebook or tweet the impressions that you had. Or follow us on Youtube.

Youtuber Virtual Reality Oasis is among the guys who were the first to believe in Cybershoes. He hung out together with us at Gamescom and tried the Cybershoes for a couple of times. Logically we’ve sent him a test sample now. As we ran out of Cybercarpets, we’ve sent him another test carpet. He’s a very fast runner and he discovered a problem with electrostatics. Since E3 we are aware of electrostatic issues and we’ve solved that in conjunction with a special plastic material for the shoes and the special Cybercarpet. We thought the Cybercarpet would be optional and every carpet could do the trick. But as of today, it seems that you might need the Cybercarpet.

This new problem is addressed to our Electronics DFM team and they think with the new board layout and Schottky diodes this can be solved. If not, we promise to the backers of the lower tiers (without carpet) to send the carpet for free. Everything is about testing. And the best thing is to discover problems early. That is the reason why we’ve sent out 7 Cybershoes to the world in October. We will keep you updated!


Cybershoes Backer #4 here. I’m quite concerned with the delays that will arrive with the new anti-static board. I can’t do anything about it but still, i hope they manage to fix all the things and still deliver in Q1 2019.

As I type this, there are two early bird slots left (not super early bird though).

MRTV Sebastian was meant to pass on his Cybershoes to Sweviver but liked them so much they said he could keep them. Hopefully they are going to send Sweviver a new pair soon.

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Already a backer, but truthfully I will be kind of angry if they do not implement jumping the Z-Scaling.

I think it is necessary and should not be considered a stretch goal it should be a part of the headset from the start.

If the goal is not hit and they will not implement it I cancel my pledge. To me it is a feature that is super important, we must be able to bend down with our Cybershoes. It is a feature that will make the product.

I don’t understand. Wouldn’t the tracking on your HMD handle this?